Festivals and Events in December in Yunnan Province

Yunnan Festivals in December introduces ethnic festivals and activities celebrated in Yunnan in December, such as The Kuoshi Festival of Lisu ethnic group and events like Long Street Banquet of Hani people, ect. You can join our 4 Days Long Street Banquet Festival Photography Tour to have a deep exploration of the ethnic festival and ethnic culture.

December in Yunnan is relatively quiet in terms of festivals compared to other months. However, the cool and generally pleasant climate still makes it a good time for cultural events and other celebrations. Here are some festivals and events that might take place in Yunnan during December:

  1. Naxi Ancient Music Festival: The Naxi people of Lijiang are famous for their ancient music, which is a blend of Taoist and Confucian ceremonial music. A festival celebrating this unique tradition might take place in December.

  2. Dongba Fair: In Lijiang, home to the Naxi ethnic minority, the Dongba Fair may be held, which is a traditional festival featuring Naxi culture, arts, and crafts.

  3. Christmas Celebrations: In urban areas like Kunming, Christmas has become a popular holiday, and while not a traditional Chinese festival, it is often marked by festive decorations, events, and sales in shopping centers and hotels.

  4. New Year Celebrations: Towards the end of December, preparations for the New Year may begin, with various events, countdowns, and celebrations planned, especially in larger cities and tourist areas.

  5. Hot Spring Festivals: Given the cooler weather, December can be a popular time for hot spring resorts to attract visitors, and they may host special events or offer promotions.

  6. Wild Mushroom Festivals: While the prime season for mushrooms is earlier in the year, some regions in Yunnan may still celebrate the diversity of local fungi with exhibitions or markets.

  7. Bird Watching Festivals: With its rich biodiversity, Yunnan is a popular destination for bird watchers, especially in areas like Dali and the wetlands around Kunming. Events related to bird watching might be organized during this time as many migratory birds visit the province.

  8. Winter Solstice (冬至): This is an important time in the Chinese lunar calendar, often associated with family gatherings and eating particular foods such as dumplings in the north or tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) in the south. Some ethnic minorities in Yunnan may have their own unique ways of observing this day.

As with any travel plans, it’s important to verify the dates and details of events, as they can change due to various factors. Local tourism offices, event websites, and cultural centers can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.