Magu Dance of Yi Ethnic Minority in Mouding County, Chuxiong


Lawan Village(腊湾村) of Fengtun Town(凤屯镇)is famous for Magu Dance(玛咕舞) of Yi Ethnic Minority in Mouding County(牟定县). Lawan, in Yi language, means the place where the moon is reflected. Lawan village, has unique “Magu Dance“, also known as “Old Man Dance”(老人舞), which is known as “living fossil” of ancient human dance.

Magu Yi Village

A documentary take 10 years to track,shoot and product — “Dancers in Lawan Village(《腊湾舞者》), not only for the first time, let the audience beyond the Yi mountains saw this strange dance which full of the flavor of primitive religion, also witnessed villagers who love “Magu Dance” , with the development of national unity under the policy, put the big or small stage into the clean and clear courts in the Magu Yi village. 

Lawan Magu Yi Village
Lawan Magu Yi Village

The “Girl’s Room”(姑娘房) handed down from the Magu village and the “Magu Dance” with unique charm have attracted more and more guests from home and abroad to enjoy the magic of the mysterious Lawan.

Translated by Bella Ren/任新月