4 Days Lijiang Hiking Tour from Baoshan Stone Village and Lugu Lake (1 Day Hiking)

We arrange the highlights hiking from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to Baoshan Stone Village and Lugu Lake. We avoid some hiking places but the scenery is normal. The morst important hiking is Tiger Leaping Gorge to Daju and Taiziguan Pass from Baoshan Stone Village.

This is hard trekking trail, the most romantic part is the trekking from Baoshan stone town to Lugu lake, we have to take twice ferry across the lake with our donkeys, and pilgram to Lugu lake.

Trekking around Lugu lake , warship the local Zhamei Temple,and the Matriarchal saint mountain:Gemu, which is named by the Local god,the legend story said she cried for her lover,so the tears following all the way became Lugu lake,and now it became dating centre for lovers.


  • Amazing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
  • Baoshan Stone Village and the ancient Naxi ethnic culture.
  • Wonderful Lugu Lake
  • Mysterious Moso ethnic culture.

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 01: Lijiang- Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-Baoshan Stone Village
  • Day 02: Baoshan Stone Village-Rice Terraces-Yangliu Village-Ashuangluo Village-Taiziguan Pass(Tunnel-1, Tunnel-2)-Upper, Middle, Lower Liuqing Villages-Luoman Village-Yangtze River Cruise to Labo Village
  • Day 03 Labo Village- Gewa Village-Zhuangzi Village-Yongning Town-Lugu Lake
  • Day 04 Lugu Lake Circle Tour-Lijiang