15 Days Vietnam-Yunnan Motorbike Tour

According to the travel guide publisher Lonely Planet, if you could visit only one of China’s numerous provinces, Yunnan would be the clear choice. Yunnan means “south of the clouds”, and the province is literally the far end of China from the perspective of Beijing, the country’s northern power center. In Yunnan, you can still experience the authentic China as it was before the country’s industrialization.

The scenic beauty, the wealth of natural diversity and the exciting panoramic roads not only left a deep impression on the Lonely Planet authors, but us as well – prompting us to open our first “motorcycle office” in Shangri-La nearly ten years ago. The scenery on this motorcycle tour through Yunnan is so varied that it’s like crossing a continent.

Day 1 Hanoi-Lao Cai
Day 2 Lao Cai-Hekou-Yuanyang
Day 3 Yuanyang-Ninger
Day 4 Ninger-Lincang
Day 5 Lincang-Dali
Day 6 Dali
Day 7 Dali-Lijiang
Day 8 Lijiang
Day 9 Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangri La
Day 10 Shangri La-Feilaisi
Day 11 Feilaisi-Xiangcheng
Day 12 Xiangcheng-Daocheng-Riwa-Yading
Day 13 Yading-Lugu Lake
Day 14 Lugu Lake-Panzhihua
Day 15 Panzhihua-Yuanmou-Kunming
Day 16 Kunming-Jianshui
Day 17 Jianshui-Hekou