Mimalong Village of Lubiao Subdistrict in Anning City, Kunming

Chinese Name: 安宁市禄脿街道密马龙村
English Name: Mimalong Village of Lubiao  Subdistrict in Anning City, Kunming

Anning City Lufu Street Milong Village is a beautiful village located in Anning City, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. The village was established during the Qing Dynasty Qianlong period, which has a history of more than 200 years. The main residents of the village are Han and Yi nationalities, who live harmoniously and maintain the tranquility and harmony of this beautiful village.

The geographical environment of Milong Village is unique, surrounded by lush green mountains and water, with dense vegetation and a beautiful ecological environment. The villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture and breeding, growing rice, corn, wheat and other crops, while also raising pigs, cows, sheep and other livestock. In recent years, the village has also developed rural tourism, attracting more and more tourists to visit.

The architectural style of Milong Village is unique, with traditional Yi residential buildings and Han Chinese siheyuan featuring distinct characteristics. The village’s small roads meander, and the ancient stone-paved roads witness the historical changes of the village. The village also has the culturally rich Milong Primary School, which has nurtured countless outstanding students.

In short, Anning City Lufu Street Milong Village is a village with a long history, unique culture, and beautiful environment, worth a visit.