The Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village in Maguan County, Wenshan

Why is the Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village So Special?

The cloud sea of Dajichang village大吉厂云海 is one of the top 10 scenic wonders in Wenshan prefecture. The Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village, located in Dajichang Village of Miechang Township篾厂乡大吉厂村, 30 kilometers from the west of Maguan county, is in mountain area with highest altitude of 2120 meters and lowest altitude of 425 metersThe climate type is low latitude subtropical mountain monsoon climate, annual average temperature of 17 ℃, annual rainfall of 1400 mm, with the characteristic of three-dimensional climate. The special climate and the complex geological landform have created the spectacular “cloud sea”. In winter, the cloud sea can be seen everywhere. Among them, the best-known one is the cloud sea of Dajichang Village.

The Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village in Maguan County, Wenshan

Best Time to Visit

Every year, winter and spring are the most common seasons of the cloud sea. After rain the sky looks blue, the cloud sea is also easier to appear. No matter the cloud sea in the morning or in the evening, the scenery is magnificent and grand. Driven by the wind, the cloud sea is surging. The highway from Wenshan to Hekou runs through the cloud sea, it has the advantage of viewing the cloud sea all day. In the whole winter, there are cloud seas every day.

Nearby Attraction

Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve in Maguan County马关县老君山自然保护区

Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve is located at the junction of Maguan County马关县 and Malipo County麻栗坡县, Yunnan Province, with a total area of 344,400 mu. It is a nature reserve with comprehensive ecosystem types, forest ecosystem types and wildlife types.

How to Get There

There are long-distance bus from Kunming to Maguan County马关县 directly. Then it takes about 1.5 hours from Maguan Bus Terminal to the Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village大吉厂云海 by Taxi or Chartered bus. You can also take regular bus from Maguan Bus Terminal to Miechang Township篾厂乡, then take the chartered bus to the Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village.

Kunming East Bus Station-Maguan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 10:00, 12:00, 19:30

Price: 149 CNY

Distance: 376 kilometers

Consume Time: 5-6 hours

Maguan Bus Terminal-Miechang Township

Departure Time: 13:30, 14:10

Price: 16 CNY

Distance: 78 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Tip: The departure time and price here are just for reference, the specific situations are subject to the bus terminal.

Accommodation in Maguan County

You’s better to stay overnight in Maguan County since the accommodation conditions in Maguan County is relatively good.

1. Runyuan Hotel马关润源大酒店

Address: No.194, Wenhua Road, Maguan County, Wenshan文山自治州马关县文化路194号

Tel: 0876-7134999

Starting Price: 204 CNY

2. Sihaiyijia Hotel马关云南四海一家连锁酒店

Address: No.46, Juncheng Road, Maguan County, Wenshan文山马关县骏城路46号

Tel: 0876-3059666

Starting Price: 214 CNY

3. Hualian Hotel文山马关华联酒店

Address: Anping Square, Maguan County, Wenshan文山马关县安平广场旁

Tel: 0876-7127000

Starting Price: 254 CN

The Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village in Maguan County, Wenshan

Useful Travel Tips

1. If you view the cloud sea on the mountain, please pay attention to the safety while climbing.

2. The temperature difference in mountain area is large, especially in spring and winter, please bring coats to keep warm and prevent a cold.

3. the morning cloud sea, evening cloud sea, sunrise and sunset are extremely wonderful there.