Entertainment in Eryuan County, Dali

An old saying goes “Dali, habitat to paradise, the best mountains and rivers to travel, and the two can not taste, but in Dali.” Dali is one of the most appropriate places for living and the paradise for the harmony of multiculturalism and nature.

And in Er’yuan ,you will experience not only mountains and rivers,But also hot spring.Dali Geothermal Paradise in Jiuqitai Hot Spring,Eryuan County.Aside from the amusing name, the “Geothermic Kingdom” is the largest hot springs in Asia, and may be the most beautiful. Set in a valley surrounded by mountains, and so big you could get lost inside. There are pools of all temperatures and sizes, pools shaped like giant hands, pools with caves, pools filled with skin purifying milk, and one that claims to cleanse your heart and soul. It’s just over an hour from Dali city, open 24hrs.

NameEryuan geothermal spring


AddressAround Cibi Lake,Eryuan County


NameEryuan Library

AddressNo.31,Wenkang Road,Eryuan County


NameEryuan Wenquan Spa(温泉会馆)


AddressNo.30,Wenkang Road,Eryuan County


Name8090 Drink Bar


AddressAround Spring District,Wenkang Road,Eryuan County


NameJinshuige Teahouse

AddressNo.90,Xingyuan Road,Wenkang Road,Eryuan County


NameCulture Hall

AddressNo.32,Wenkang Road,Eryuan County