Eryuan County Climate

Eryuan County is a county in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture located in the western suburbs of Dali. There are seasons charming scenery.Here without cold winter and heat summer and with an annual average temperature of 13.9 ℃, is an excellent place for tourism and leisure.
Like Dali weather, Eryuan, has a rainy season that starts in May and goes throughout the Summer, bringing intermittant showers throughout the afternoon, with patches of sun in between. November  begins the dry season, which continues into March, making things a little dusty, with the ever-present breeze that blows up from Dali across Eryuan.


The least amount of rainfall occurs in January. The average in this month is 12 mm. In August, the precipitation reaches its peak, with an average of 208 mm.


The temperatures are highest on average in July, at around 20.5 °C. At 8.5 °C on average, January is the coldest month of the year.


Climate table, Eryuan

The variation in the precipitation between the driest and wettest months is 196 mm. The variation in annual temperature is around 12.0 °C.

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