How to Register a WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Account

There are several types of WeChat Official Accounts. The ones most used by companies are the Subscription Account and the Service Account. It is up to the foreign company to decide which of these fits best with its marketing strategy.

WeChat Official Accounts are the tools the WeChat social network provides for companies to interact with their customers. Just as on Facebook, when a business opens their Official Account with WeChat, it has the possibility of acquiring followers. By means of WeChat, a company can get in touch with its followers through messages, or by directing them to a website or online store.

Here are the steps for registering a WeChat Official Account

1. Go to and click the Register button to start the signup process.


2. Select whether you want to open a Subscription Account or a Service Account.


3. Enter you email address and click on the Send Code button to receive the verification code.

verification code wechat

4. Look for the verification code in your email and type it into the field: Email Verification Code.

5. Set a password for your account, agree with the terms and condition, and click Register.

register wechat step

6. Select the country of origin of your company and fill in the required information about your business.

wechat registration qpsoftware

7. You will be asked what verification method you want to use.

Even though you have three options, we recommend you use the WeChat verification since it will give you access to premium features on your Official Account.

verification wechat

8. Create an account profile.

Keep in mind, that for the name, you can only use Chinese and alphanumeric characters. Spaces and special characters are not allowed

wechat as foreigner

9. Click Done and the registration process is finished.

Remember to verify your account within 30 days to start using your WeChat Official Account.

done wechat

You’ve now got your very own WeChat Official Account!