How to Use QQ in English in China

When you log into your qq account, you might want to change the languish if the QQ international didn’t show you languish that you understand. There’re eight languishes you can choose to use, they’re English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.

How to Use QQ in English in China

Step 1.

Open the QQ international and then log in to your QQ account. Then tap the [Compass] icon on the top right of the screen. The next step is tapping the [Settings] icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Go to settings on qq international


Step 2.

Click on the [Language] button, and then you can choose the languish you want. The language of QQ international will be modified by clicking [DONE] on the top right of the screen.

choose languish on QQ international

What if the language is in Chinese by default when you download the qq international?

Here are some tips:
语言 means language. When you don’t know Chinese, you can select any Chinese characters you can find with 语言 or 切换语言. Now, let’s change the default language when you try to log in with only 3 clicks.
change language 切换语言

Select the language you want to use. Click on the 完成 on the top right corner of the screen.

change language Done

That’s it.