Kunming Ronghui Bicycle Riding Club

Introduction of Kunming Ronghui Cycling Club

Established in 2010, Ronghui Cycling Club (荣辉自行车俱乐部) is dedicated to promoting cycle sports and culture, aiming to be the best cycling tour club in Yunnan (云南). As a pioneer of cycling tourism in the industry, Ronghui Cycling Club has held many cycling themed tourism activities since 2011, such as international cycling tour routes of the United States (美国), France (法国), Thailand (泰国), Vietnam (越南), Laos (老挝), and many domestic excellent routes of Yunnan, Taiwan (台湾), Guizhou (贵州), Tibet (西藏), Qinghai (青海), etc.

The club provides the most comprehensive and professional cycling tourism consulting services, undertakes the customized business of large, medium and small groups and private riding activities, and provides services including bike rental, maintenance, bicycle peripheral equipment sales and logistics support vehicles.

Club website: www.ynzxc.com
Consultation telephone:
13888916617 (Chi Hongwu迟洪武 )
13808716608 (Zhou Danhuan周丹环)

Add: The 1st floor of building B1 in Guangfu Commercial Center (广福商业中心), Guangfu Road (广福路), Xishan District (西山区), Kunming City (昆明), Yunnan Province (云南).

Introduction to club members:

  1. Chi Hongwu (迟洪武), one of the principles of the club, entered the bicycle industry in 1993, engaged in bicycle manufacturing. In 2010, he established Kunming Ronghui Cycling Club with Zhou Danhuan (周丹环) jointly.
  2. Zhou Danhuan (周丹环), one of the principles of Ronghui Cycling club, entered the bicycle industry in 1994 and engaged in bicycle sales business. In 2010, he and Chi Hongwu (迟洪武) jointly funded the establishment of Ronghui Cycling Club..
  3. Chen Xiaoming (陈晓明), the technician of Ronghui Cycling Club, has been engaged in bicycle assembly, maintenance and after-sales service since 1993.