About Us

Yunnan Exploration is a full service, thoroughly professional China based travel agency. We have over 15 years of experience, assisting thousands of travelers both at home and from abroad, with every aspect of their travel wishes and requirements. Whether you are planning to travel to the far reaches of mysterious Tibet, or the remote regions of Indochina, our goal is to assist travelers and tourists in having the most memorable and enjoyable journey possible. We specialize in offering a wide variety of tour packages to fit every budget, from hiking & trekking, to photography, bicycle and self-driving travel packages. Yunnan is our ‘home turf’…. our alway scrupulous sales team will design and customize both private and group tours of this ethnically diverse land of scenic wonders. Our tour consultants and qualified guides are ready to assist with every aspect of your very own ‘Yunnan Exploration’…Welcome to Yunnan….
‘The Forgotten Kingdom’ you will always remember!