Laoshan Mountain in Malipo County, Wenshan

Why is Laoshan Mountain So Special?

Laoshan Mountain scenic area老山风景区 consists of 42 scenic spots covering an area of 180 square kilometers including Laoshan Mountain老山, Nanwenhe River南温河, Dawangyan大王岩, Xiajinchang下金厂 and Xinzhai Village新寨. The main attractions in Laoshan Mountain include the Site of Laoshan Self-defensive Warfare老山自卫反击战遗址, the Sea of Forest in the Laojun Mountain老君山林海, the marvelous and serene Karst Caves groups, the Cat Jumping Gorge猫猫跳峡谷, the irregularly changing cloud sea, rare plants, and the Tianbao Frontier Trade Port. All in all, the scenic area of the Laoshan Mountain is an ideal place for frontier trade and shopping, tour abroad, scientific and geological researches, and the research for the biodiversity. Laoshan was one of the main positions in the war of self-defense. Nowadays, there are exhibition hall, martyr statues, Maoerdong cave猫耳洞, trenches, lookout post and other facilities built on the main peak. It is an important patriotic education base. Tianbao port天保口岸 is an important border trade port between China and Vietnam.

The History and Present of Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan Mountain in Malipo County, Wenshan

Laoshan Mountain, located at China-Vietnam Border of Yunnan Province in the southwestern China, is closely linked to northern Vietnam. In the past 10 years from 1979 to 1989, there was a fierce battle between China and Vietnam in the vibrant mountains and jungles, which turned Laoshan Mountain to be a place “famous” of violence and death. And as a result of the battle, Laoshan Mountain who witnessed the victory of Chinese and the loss of Vietnam became a holy place in memory of these heroes sacrificed in the battle. More than 20 years have passed, and now the spirits of these heroes are still in the minds of people living here.

The leftover of the war in Laoshan Mountain has been carefully collated and repaired after the war. The place that once saw the violent and cruel battle has turned into a beautiful and peaceful park for the fighters to rest. There are many inscriptions and sculptures describing the glorious feat of the warriors dedicated to the country.

Under the main peak of Laoshan Mountain, there built a small square where stood a huge statue. Its prototype is called Zhangdaquan张大权, one of the 3000 Chinese soldiers who dedicated to the China-Vietnam war in Laoshan Mountain years ago.

How to Get There

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are long-distance buses from Kunming to Malipo County. 

Kunming East Bus Station-Malipo Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 11:00, 18:30

Price: 137 CNY

Distance: 394 kilometers

Consume Time: 6 hours

2. By Train

If you want to take train, you should go to Zhulin Station珠琳站 in Guangnan county first. Then another 2 hours is needed from Zhulin Railway Station to Malipo County.

Kunming Railway Station-Zhulin Railway Station

Departure Time: 17:12

Price: 103 CNY

Distance: 413 kilometers

Consume Time: 2 hours

Kunming South Railway Station-Zhulin Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:30

Price: 92 CNY

Distance: 407 kilometers

Consume Time: 1.5 hours

Accommodation Around Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan Mountain is not far from the county seat of Malipo County. 

1. Dawangyan Hotel大王岩酒店

Address: No.288, Yuerbei Road, Mali Town, Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture文山州麻栗坡县麻栗镇玉尔贝路288号

Tel: 0876-6628899

2. Guohao Hotel麻栗坡国豪大酒店

Address: No.190, Yuerbei Road, Malipo County, Wenshan文山州麻栗坡县玉尔贝路190号

Tel: 0876-6629888

Starting Price: 149 CNY

3. Yajing Theme Hotel麻栗坡雅景主题酒店

Address: No.260, Yuerbei Road, Mali Town, Malipo County, Wenshan文山州麻栗坡县麻栗镇玉尔贝路260号

Tel: 0876-6621777

Starting Price: 94 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

The Ancient Tea Plantations in Laoshan Mountain of Malipo County, Wenshan

1. The weather in Malipo麻栗坡 is mild, but because of large temperature difference in mountain area, you should bring long-sleeve clothes and coats for the change in the weather.

2. After traveling in laoshan Mountain老山, people usually stop by Tianbao port on the Vietnamese border to go shopping. Tianbao Port is not far from Malipo county. You can take the midibus from Malipo麻栗坡 to Chuantou船头, and the ticket price is less than 5 yuan.