The Former Residence of Nie Er in Yuxi

About Nie Er

Nie Er聂耳, whose original hometown is Yuxi, was born in Kunming in 1912. He is a famous Chinese musician composing the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It is great pity that he was drowned when swimming in  Japan in 1935.

Nie Er, who grew up poor and had deep feelings for the laboring masses, wrote 37 revolutionary songs in his limited 23-year life. His series of works are the products of the people’s revolution led by the communist party. Nie Er opened up China’s new music road, he was the music pioneer of the Chinese proletarian revolution.

About the Former Residence of Nie Er 

Former residence of Nie Er was built in the late Qing dynasty by Nie Liandeng聂连登, Nie Er’s great-grandfather, and left to Nie Er’s father Nie Hongyi聂鸿仪. In the 28th year of the reign of emperor Guangxu光绪(in 1902), Nie Hongyi went to Kunming to practice medicine. The house was left to Wang Jingzhen王静珍, the sister-in-law of Nie Er. In 1927, after he graduated from Junior Middle School, Nie Er returned to Yuxi with his mother, Peng Jikuan彭寂宽, he reviewed his lessons here from the 22nd day of the 6th lunar month to the 10th day of the 7th lunar month.

The Former Residence of Nie Er in Yuxi

In September 1984, the former residence of Nie Er was published by the people’s government of Yuxi as a municipal key cultural relic protection unit. In February 1992, the people’s government of Yuxi city restored the former residence of Nie Er, covering an area of more than 1,500 square meters. It is composed of memorial area, green area and music activity area. There is Nie Er statue in the courtyard. In this year, the government set up management organization and former residence of Nie Er opened to public officially. In November 1998, the government of Yunnan province announced Nie Er’s former residence as the fifth batch of provincial key cultural relics protection units.

Best Time to Visit

Former residence visit is mainly indoor activities, consequently, tourists can visit former residence of Nie Er at all seasons.

Transportation and Accommodation

The former residence of Nie Er is close to Yuxi Museum. For transportation and accommodation, you can refer to Yuxi Museum.

Useful Travel Tips

1. With convenient transportation and strong cultural characteristics, the museum is definitely a good place to enrich your knowledge about Nie Er.

2. The former residence of Nie Er is close to Yuxi Museum, you can pay a visit to Yuxi museum.