Malipo County Administrative Divisions

By the end of 2012, Malipo county has jurisdiction over 4 towns, 7 townships and 2 state-owned farms, covering Mali Town(麻栗镇), Daping Town(大坪镇), Tianbao Town(天保镇), Donggan Town(董干镇), Mengtong Township(猛硐乡), Xiajinchang Township(下金厂乡), Babu Township(八布乡), Liuhe Township(六河乡), Yangwan Township(杨万乡), Tiechang Township(铁厂乡), Najie Township(马街乡), Tianbao Farm(天保农场), Babu Farm(八布农场).

Ethnic Towns

Mengdong Yao Ethnic Town of Malipo County in Wenshan Prefecture (麻栗坡县猛硐瑶族乡)

Babu Town in Malipo County, Wenshan (麻栗坡县八布乡

Ethnic Village

Chengzhai Village and Bailuo Ethnic People in Malipo County, Wenshan (麻栗坡县董干镇城寨村)