Huayudong National Forest Park in Hekou County, Honghe


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Huayudong Forest Park is located in 27 km north from Hekou County and it covers an area of 33.33 square km, among which 20 square km are forest land. In June 2001, Huayudong Forest Park was approved to be listed in the experimental area in the nationally protected areas of China.

The Huayu Cave in this area is 12 meters wide and 8 meters high. After entering the cave to around 20 meters, you will find it hard to walk further. It is said that this cave is 6 km long in total. Spring water flows out from the cave and forms a pool at the entrance. There are fishes of one kind that have patterns on their bodies swimming in this pool. Thus the cave has got its name from here. The water overflows the pool and drops from the rocks to form waterfalls as a very beautiful scenery.

Huayudong National Forest Park in Hekou County, Honghe

The Huayudong National Forest Park has typical features of tropical rain forest and inside it there are abundant categories of animals and plants. It is one of few tropical rain forests that are kept well in original state in Yunnan and is regarded highly valuable in research as well as in tourism industry.

Development History

Project Profile

The main area of the park is scenic area, amounting to 1576 hectares. It is planned to build a rainforest exploration area, a water recreation area of Huayu Cave, an ornamental area of trees and tropical economic trees, a wildlife rescue and breeding exchange center and an amusement park. A total of 10 scenic spots, 21 natural and artificial comprehensive scenic spots, is a collection of food, housing, viewing, entertainment as one of the natural forest park

Project Implementation Site and Related Introduction

Huayudong National Forest Park in Hekou County, Honghe

The forest park is located 27 kilometers north of the estuary, 450 kilometers from the capital Kunming, Kun River second class highway, is a typical tropical rain forest. There are many species in the territory, complex flora, preservation of more rare plants. The river flows from the foot of the mountain into the Nanxi River. The original forest is distributed on both sides of the river. In the more exotic forest area, there is a cave called the Flower Fish Cave, which forms a spectacular waterfall and has high scientific research and tourist value.

Status of Resources

The planning range of Huayudong Forest Park in Estuary is 47145 mu, including the whole county belongs to the range of the Race Farm Rainforest Nature Reserve, and the area around the Cave of Huayu Cave is about 15000 mu as the core area of nature protection. Estuarine Huadong Forest Park Planning area close to the Dawei Mountain Nature Reserve. Many parts of the rainforest in the Flower Cave remain pristine. Dense and tall trees, such as borneol, olive tree and other precious trees up to more than 40 meters, has a high value of development. The forest is full of lush betel nut, near the edge of the foot of the mountain growing a lot of primeval ferns, this is a special protection of the country’s ancient rare plants. Many vines, such as vines, tin vines and so on, sometimes climb the crown in the forest, sometimes hang in the air, wear around, tightly twine several big trees, and the shape is fickle. The orchids in the forest grow with each other on the big trunk, with fragrant fragrance and elegant flowers, which form the “sky garden”. The trees, pineapples, wood and milk fruits are suspended from the trunk. The old stems and flowers form a unique landscape, and the forest region is rich in plant populations. Known as the natural botanical garden.

The original forest area of Huayu Cave has a typical tropical rain forest landscape. In the boundless forest sea, there are many layers of different age trees mixed, the canopy is mixed, the forest is rich and colorful. Nanxi River as the main stream of many small streams, spring year after year, sometimes clear spring gurgling, sometimes winding serpentine, natural ecological landscape magic gorgeous.

Huayu Cave has a great tourism value. The waterfall in front of the cave is triple-folded and falls between the Cangshuixiu wood and the strange rocks and reefs, forming the beautiful waterfall landscape of the water curtain cave, in which there are holes. The cave landscape, water landscape, vegetation landscape and plant ecological environment of Huayu Cave are of great value for development.

How to Get there?

By Long-distance Bus

The passenger cars arriving at the direction of the Red River are mainly located at the Yunnan tourist bus Station (No. 663 Guanghuan Civil Aviation Road). In addition, there are also buses available at the Kunming Motor passenger Transportation Center Station and the Huangtupo passenger Station. Honghe prefectures and counties generally have large and small passenger cars, to Hekou County can be taken to the county seat of dedicated passenger cars.


Drive 27 km along the Kun River Road from the Estuary County, then you can reach the National Forest Park Flower Cave. The Flower Fish Cave is located on the banks of Xiaonan River, where the forests are thick and the peaks are rolling. Flower Fish Cave running all year round, according to legend, there are sometimes fish out of the cave, hence the name “Flower Fish Cave.”

Recommended Tour Routes

Touring with us will make your time well-spent well spent and your trip in Huayudong Forest Park a unique experience. 

Huayudong National Forest Park in Hekou County, Honghe

Travel Tips

1. Food: Many villages and towns with skinned mutton in Huashan belong to the mountainous half-mountain areas. Goat breeding in the development of animal husbandry accounts for a large proportion. In addition, there are many ethnic minorities, such as Yi and Miao, who live together in the local area. Eating mutton is very common. Even in some places meat is based on mutton.

2. Shopping: Hekou’s specialty: turtle and yellow fish Gejiu special products produced by Gejiu tin paintings, tin wine and other tin crafts beautiful and elegant, is a rare tourist souvenirs. Rice noodle, tofu, Mengzi cake is a famous flavor snack. Jianshui specialties in the grass bud, acid pomegranate, lily, bird’s nest crisp, bird’s nest porridge is more famous