Lusheng-making Skills of Miao Ethnic Minority in Daguan County, Zhaotong

Brief  Introduction

Lusheng(芦笙), a kind of reed-pipe wind instrument prevails in Miaos’ area.The technique of making Lusheng(芦笙) of Miao nationality in Daguan(大关) is mainly spread in Tianxing Town(天星镇), Daguan County(大关县), Zhaotong City(昭通市). Lusheng is a traditional folk instrument loved by Miao Ethnic Minority with a long history.

Show Time

Every New Year’s Day and leisure time, Miao people  hold various Lusheng dances to express their inner feelings and longings for a better life.

Lusheng-making Skills

Lusheng Making Material,Bitter bamboo, birch bark, Chinese fir and copper sheets.The production process includes several links, such as material acquisition, air drying, reed production, sound tube assembly and so on. Lusheng is usually made up of three parts: Sheng tube, Sheng bucket and reed. The common Lusheng sound tube is 6. There are press holes on the outside. Copper spring is installed at the bottom and inserted into Sheng bucket. Each reed has one sound. A bamboo tube is used as a resonance tube at the upper end of every two or three canals.

The descendants of Lusheng family in Daguan County

Wang Jiefeng’s constant innovation on the basis of traditional production has made the star “Wang Lusheng” famous in Miao villages at the junction of Yunnan and Guizhou for more than a hundred years. Most of the Lusheng produced by Miao people in the central village of Tianxing Town are ordered by the national art performance teams of various cities and counties, which plays an important role in promoting the local national culture and social progress.

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Translated by Winnie/张赢