Daguan County Climate

Daguan(大关)  is a mountainous county, its’ highest elevation is 2785 meters and the lowest is 492 meters. There are 73 peaks which are separately and belong to Wumeng mountain chain and Wulianfeng mountain chain. Five rivers go through its’ territory, and all five are flow into Jinsha river. All these factors decide the county’s climate type. Daguan county belongs to Northern subtropics monsoon climate. The diversity of air temperature on level is not obvious, but distinct on vertical. In addition, the differences between seasons are not sharp. The annual average temperature is 14.5℃, the annual average sunshine is  966 hours and the precipitation is 991.3 mm. there are about 308 days without frost. The annual average wind speed is 1.3m/s.

The best time to visit

People can go to Daguan for every season, and people can see different sceneries in different seasons. If you want drink the new tea, you can get there in May.

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