Daguan County Dining

Daguan county(大关县) lies beside Zhaotong city, the eating pattern of Daguan people is influenced by Zhaotong people deeply, at the same time, it has its’ own characteristics. Some famous Daguan dishes are list as follow:

Gastrodia Elata Stew Chicken(天麻炖鸡)

This is a famous local dish with pretty function of eliminating disease: the dish is moist and with much liquor, so it has the function of curing headache and dizziness, healing epilepsy and tetanus. Besides, it also can relieve rheumatic pains which is caused by paralysis. Although it has mang medical function, it is a delicious dish which is indispensible on the dinning table.

Daguan Sesame Seed Candy(大关麻糖)

The folk traditional handcraft food of Dagaun county has a long history of more than a hundred years. Among these food, the sesame sees candy  is famous which is made in Shoushan township(寿山乡). The candy is made of sticky rice, sesame and powdered sugar. It has the characteristics of fragrant, sweet, thin and fragile. The candy also has the rich protein and some other vitamins.