Daguan County Accommodation

Where to stay:

Huanglianhe River Hotel(黄连河大酒店)


Address: No. 7 on the Shuncheng South Road in Daguan county(大关县顺城南路7号)

Telecom Hotel(电信宾馆)


Address: No. 1 on the Longdong Road in Cuihua town, Daguan county(大关县翠华镇龙洞路1号)

Yongfang Hotel(永芳宾馆)


Address: on the Nanmen Street in Daguan county(大关县南门街)

Maliuwan Hotel(麻柳湾大酒店)

Address: around No.325 provincial highway in Yanjin county(大关县325省道附近)

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