Mengbalanaxi Culture Show in Jinghong City, XishuangBanna

Travelers might not have  enough time to see all nice aspects of Xishuangbanna, nor so many chances to experience traditions and culture of all ethnic groups, to watch a culture show may help you learn more about our region. With flowery light effects, colorful costumes, beautiful stage designing and well-organized performance, Mengbalanaxi Culture Show is your best choice for evening time. From different angles, it presents the history and story about Xishuangbanna, also festival, culture and belief of local ethnic groups and our neighbors living along the Mekong. Mengbalanaxi is a word from Dai language, meaning mysterious and beautiful hometown, truly, from show audience can feel the deep love local people cherish for the land that is nurturing them. If not with too artistic or choosy eye, this show is worth spending some time. Culture Show starts daily at 20:10, lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes, price of ticket: 180 RMB for normal seat, 280 RMB for VIP seat.