Mandian Waterfall in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna

About Mandian Waterfall

The ManDian waterfall is located in the tropic rain forest natural protective area, surrounded with the Dai minority villages and Ha Ni minority villages, 27km southeast Jing Hong city. The waterfall consists of 10 grades with the head drop of 20 meters, the width of 10 meters, thundering sounds. The Mandian Waterfall has more than 10 cascades, with a fall of nearly 20 meters and a width of 10 meters. It sends out a thunderous sound resembling the roar of 400 angry wild beasts, which can be heard from far away.

● Chinese Name: 曼点瀑布(Man Dian Pu bu)
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● Location: Mandian Village, Gadong Town, Jinghong City, Yunnan Province
● Scenic Area:
● Admission Fee: 5 RMB for ticket
● Opening Hours:08:00-18:00 (3 to 4 hours for a visit)

● Trekking

Staring out from ManDian village and walking along the valley among the thick forest for about 2.5 km, you will see the first grade of the waterfall, also the greatest one. You would be full of joy in appreciating the strange beautiful scenery. Water drops from the limestone cliff with the head drop of about 30 meters and width of 10 meters. All surroundings are full of water flowers and beautiful thin foggy, flying here and there. The sound of the water’s hitting on the rocks sounds extremely thundering in the rain seasons. A peculiar 10-meter-tall tree stands on the cliff with the exposed roots.  As the nearest waterfall to Jing Hong city, the Man Dian waterfall is among the virgin forest with typical valley rain forest plants. If you want to have a rainforest to yourself, head here, before it gets discovered too much.

Mandian Waterfall in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna

One Day XishuangBanna Hiking Tour to Mandian Waterfalls


回到曼点村后,我们将返回景洪,在路上可以参观其他的傣族村寨。我们将在路上的一个傣族村子里吃最地道的傣味,他们家的烤鸡和烤排骨全景洪第一, 反正是我在整个西双版纳地区吃到最好吃的烧烤.

● Various species of plants

The Mandian Waterfall lies in a virgin forest full of various species of plants. Walking through the forest and standing on a small bridge over the river, one can see the waterfall rushing down from cliffs above the head and stirring up thick mist. Both sides of the riverbanks are covered with vegetation of typical rain forests. Ancient trees stand on the cliffs and evergreen broad-leaved trees grow along the waterfall with bushiness. Strolling through such ancient forests, one can enjoy a wonderful view.

● Baoshui waterfalls

This waterfall divided into the left, middle and right three parts, left curtain wide and Chung, any season has Baoshui waterfalls in the middle of the curtain a little more than left and right sides, the dry season becomes trickle stream. waterfall about 15 meters wide, the gap of 25 meters. Baoshui flew down from above, into the ravine, issue deafening voice. Baoshui flying overlooking the valley, the whole fine mist of water, occasionally white spray mist like pearls on jumps. Waterfalls and dense shade lined with tall evergreen broad-leaved trees blotting out the sun, vines climbing vine music, hanging on the tall trees. Man Dian River as snow chains wildly in the winds from the school of green riverbed suddenly “broken down”, nearly 30 meters from the river where water rush down, forming a drop of water, like a white curtain valance high hanging in the valley rainforest. Standing with ravine rain set off each other in front of a waterfall, the beauty of nature and harmony will make people forget their troubles, will you introduce no earthly strife, only pure natural realm, let you enjoy the comfort of nature, quiet.

‣ Attraction Transportation

You can take a regular No.2 bus from Jinghong to Gadong Town, then take a charter car to Mandian Village, then walk to Mandian Waterfall.

‣ Best Time to Visit

Belonging to tropical rainforest climate, Xishuangbanna’s rainy season is from May to October. With annual average temperature of 21c, it has long summer and no winter. With cool and pleasant four seasons, the best time for traveling Mandian Waterfall is from May to October which you can enjoy amazing waterfall.

‣  Tips

● Trekking 1 hour, one-way, 3KM, round way total 6KM. 
It is better to prepare some mosquito products and sun block in case of insects and sunlight.
Respect the local customs of Dai and Hani minorities.