Tang Jiyao Former Residence in Huize County, Qujing

Chinese Name:会泽唐继尧故居
English Name: Tang Jiyao Former Residence in Huize County, Qujing

Tang Jiyao, the native in Huize of Yunnan, borm in 1883, went to Japan to study in 1905, joined the United League of China, coma back home upon graduation in 1909, rose in revolt in order to respond Wuchang, participated in Yunna actively, plan to rise in revolt. In weight nine of rising in revolt, 74 rate is it capture the governor palace of Yunnan-Guizhou to mark, finish the task recovered in Yunnan.

In 1911, took the post as the commander-in -chief in ancient China of Guizhou, unless in the same year, let’s transfer to Yunnan commander-in-chief in ancient China, when want Yuan Shikai it restore the old order autocratic monarchy of, JiYao Tang hold conclave many times on Kunming, Cai E reach Kunming, preside over the fifth conclave again, and drink the blood as the alliance. On the December 25, 1915, the ones that continued Yao with Tang and was headed by protected the country and rose in revolt and lifting the flag in Yunnan, Tang JiYao, etc. were set up an electric circuit in the whole country and required Yuan Shikai to cancel autocratic monarchy, and organization protect country army, JiYao Tang let Yunnan command-in-chief in ancient China and concurrently protect country army commander-in-chief of the army, having protected the country and risen in revolt and received the response of the whole country, Yuan Shikai dies in protecting the tides of the last victory. 1923, Tang JiYao established “the university of east land” in the southwest, 1924,elected as the vice marshal by army’s joint conference of government affairs of Guangzhou, 44 years old, die of illness and do in Kunming.

Tang Jiyao Former Residence

Tang continue Yao former residence located in country town two lane and between the 3 lanes, made up of garden, large courtyard and well of the day after tomorrow, besides central room, there are the east, west wing-room, the warehouse, kitchen and colored drawing rooming, construction area is only 850 square meters, repaired according to the original appearance in 2002, in the residents of the people in two lanes residence, the one that seem very much is usual and general.

Tang Jiyao Former Residence in Huize County, Qujing