Huize County Shopping

Huize shopping is various and kind of interesting, but all in all, the wonderful Huize products always leaves the tourists a unforgettable impression. Here I'd like to just share a few of the favored local souvenirs with you.

1. Huize Colorful Potato(会泽七彩土豆)

It is the local special farming plant of Jiache Town of Huize County, which is covered in purple color. After cutting off, the color inside is vivid and separated. This potato, which is rich in Calcium. It's said that you'll lose weight and be fit eating Huize Colorful Potato.

2. Huize Gray-colored Tofu(会泽灰豆腐)

This food is quite different from the usual tofu we had, it's made with soda ash, which makes the cover gray-colored. It's made of soybean. 

3. Yiche Noodles(迤车挂面)

This is the special local food of Yiche Town, Huize County. Yiche Noodles is fully made out of human hands, no machine, which has a history of more than hundreds of years. It's the traditional gift for friends to oresent to each other in this area. 

4. Small Panda Cigarette(小熊猫卷烟)

The Small Panda Cigarette series is are made of good tobacco, which are sold home and abroad.

5. Huize Porphyry Copper(会泽斑铜器)

This is fully hand made product, with complex procedures. 

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