Yili River in Huize County, Qujing

Chinese Name: 会泽以礼河
English Name: Yili River in Huize County, Qujing

With the gift, it is Yi’s language, the meaning of the willow is inserted on the bank of the river, calls “the river of the willow”, rise in wild horse Sichuan of the south of county town of Huize, flow through waiting to mend, sea, gold clock, aunt Na, old five villages and towns and 122 kilomters of factory. Whole river, of flowing rhythm, the twists are colorful, exactly like a fairy maiden and throw a silver color made to take to human world, drifts slightly in the high mountain ridges carelessly.

The reservoir of the Mao’s village lay in with the state of being middling of the gift river, it is one of the national key projects to intercept water and build the dam in the fifties, the capacity of the whole storehouse is 533 million cubic meters, the most famous one is the earth-filled dam of this reservoir, it is 80.5 meters high, it is very 463.5 meters long, it is first in Asia, the core-wall type wide dam of many kinds of soil of clay of second in world, surface of water of 40 kilometers,the lake-light is overflowing, the glistening light of waves is clear, like a jewel, glimmer with the gift riverside.

The tower of style of writing of Maan Mountain, lie in and flow through the south of the embankment of Huize with the gift river, from three kilometers of county towns. The fourth year of Guangxu (one year), know office Cai have Xie according to geomantic to geomantic omen theory, determine to pilot a ship into harbour into the city, and build scene artificially in Maan Mountain of water mouth place, build one pagoda of seven grades on the mountaintop, form office gold Wenchang palace of Zhong Mount around the city, China should chief pavilion, style of writing tower trigonometry of Maan Mountain of stockaded.

Yili River in Huize County, Qujing

Village set against, the tendency of “gentle luck” of reflecting each other, has reach the so-called best realm of “sending first in department” of the geomantic omen skill. This tower was destroyed in and resumed in the Culture Revolution in 2002, the tower was 37 meters high now, can collect seven stories of steps, whenever climb the tower, have a panoramic view in beautiful scenery of the whole city. And if look far into the distance in the embankment, just as the jade pen towers, seem that here as the paper with the blue sky in the pagoda, try the beautiful mountains and rivers of Huize of the book best.

To if the sky blue scene is bright, pagoda and for example note on the earth, a great song of resounding across the skies is jumping to imitate.