Stone Forest Transportation

Stone Forest is just 80 km southeast of Kunming in Shilin County, in Yunnan Province. It is only a 2hour drive from Kunming downtown. The Distance from Kunming to The Stone Forest are about 90 Kilometers, tourists are able to get to The Stone Forest though many way,I'm listing some of the best option to go to The Stone Forest for you.

1, Public Bus. There are public buses going back and forth between Kunming and The Stone Forest. You can find them at the Eastern bus station of Kunming, The operation hours are 8:00~18:30. Price:27 CNY  per person include insurance. Duration: about 90 minutes

Contact Number(联系电话): 0871-63833680

2, Train. You can also get on a train to get to The Stone Forest.  Duration:90 minutes, Price : 8~19 CNY per person

Contact Number(联系电话);0871-66140964

3,Rent a car. You can rent a taxi and ask the drive to take you to The Stone Forest, It will cost you around 500~600 CNY for a round-trip, you can always negotiate about the price.

If You have possession of a Chinese driver license, you can rent a from car rental company for a very low price, they usually charge around 200-300 include insurance for a day.