Sand Sculpture Festival in Luliang County, Qujing

Luliang International Color Sand Sculpture Festival has attracted widespread attention from the domestic tourism industry, the news media, and international sand sculpture festivals with its unique creativity. The six consecutive International Sand Sculpture Festivals held from 2001 to 2006 have realized innovative development in the form, scale, and content of the festival, and have become an important part of Luliang tourism, as well as a masterpiece created by Luliang people in the Chinese tourism industry.

The first Luliang International Color Sand Sculpture Festival, with the theme of “千年梦幻” (Thousand-Year Dream), wrote a Guinness World Record for the first time in the history of inland color sand sculpture.

The second festival, with the theme of “走近名著” (Approaching Famous Works), showcased the world’s unique color sand sculpture art and rich cultural connotations.

The third festival, with the theme of “五洲风采” (Five Continents’ Charm), depicted the world map and positioned the coordinates of various countries, fully demonstrating the large-scale modeling of sand sculptures and making them more engaging and interesting.

The fourth festival, with the theme of “音乐神采” (Music Magic), was the first time that the charm of music was interpreted through sand sculptures, and vice versa, using music to express the connotations of sand sculptures. This combination of static and dynamic elements was a perfect attempt.

The fifth Luliang International Sand Sculpture Festival will be held with the theme of “爨史风情” (The Romantic Charm of the Cuans). It will focus on showcasing the profound connotations and rich national styles of the Cuans Culture, one of the four major cultures of Yunnan.

The successful hosting of the Sand Sculpture Festival has earned the Color Sand Forest Scenic Area the honorary titles of “China International Color Sand Sculpture Global Promotion Center” and “World Color Sand Sculpture Expo Park” on July 24, 2004. It has set six Guinness World Records for sand sculpture, including the largest scale of works, the most diverse colors, the tallest single sand sculpture, the longest outdoor preservation time, the highest altitude of work placement, and becoming a major miracle in the history of world sand sculpture.

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