East Pagoda in Kunming


East Pagoda is located in Shulin Street, Kunming City. It is the ancient pagoda of Nanzhao period. East Pagoda is 40.57 meters high, which also is one of the earliest ancient pagodas in Kunming with four bronze fur birds on the top of the tower, commonly known as the Golden Rooster, so it is also known as the Golden Rooster Tower.

The History of East Pagoda

East Temple Pagoda used to be in Changle Temple on Shulin Street in Kunming City. Changle Temple was also called East Temple, thus the pagoda’s name. According to historical records, the temple and pagoda were built at the same time as the West Temple and Pagoda, but the pagoda was destroyed in a strong earthquake in 1833. In 1882 it was rebuilt on a new site hundreds of steps east of its original location, which lay too low for the pagoda’s foundation. The existing pagoda, a multi-eave, square, thirteen-storey, brick structure, dates back to 1882 during the Qing Dynasty. In appearance, structure and size it resembles the West Pagoda. Although it was rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty, it retains the style of the Tang Dynasty.

The Characteristic of East Pagoda

East Pagoda in Kunming

In appearance and structure the pagoda resembles Small, Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an.

The square, thirteen-storey, rnulti-eave pagoda is some thirty-six meters high. Its interior is hollow, with wooden flooring and a staircase. The bricks of the pagoda are inscribed with Buddhist scriptures and incantations in Chinese and Sanskrit and the stamps of brickmakers, all invaluable relics. The pagoda has undergone repairs several times over the past more than a thousand years, so some parts have been changed, but as a whole it has retained its Tang Dynasty style.

Nearby Attractions

Camellia Garden

East Pagoda in November 1997 to build a camellia garden, completed in May 1998, the project investment of 3.33 million yuan. East Temple Tower Tea Garden site, 4685 square meters, divided into two parts, the west side along Shulin Street open to the public 1692 square meters, the eastern city party committee organ foreign affairs area of 2999 square meters, tea garden east and west between the pavilion, corridor, landscape wall separation, Form a connected, relatively independent green space.

West Pagoda

West Pagoda, also known as Huiguang Temple Pagoda, stands on the west side of Dongsi Street. It has a history of more than 1100 years. In the plum blossom and smoke rain in February, the “double Towers” became one of the “eight sights of Kunming” in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

How to Get there?

By Bus

Tourists can take Bus No.137, 152, 107 and get off at East Pagoda Station.

By Taxi

It takes tourists about 10 minutes to get to East Pagoda from downtown of Kunming.