Yuanyang County Bus Station

Yuanyang is a county under Honghe Prefecture in southeastern Yunnan Province. Yuanyang has quite several bus stations, however, only two of them are well known. Yuanyang County Bus Station introduces bus schedule, bus travel, bus tour, bus tickets booking, how, when and where to buy bus tickets, buses timetable to popular attractions and the location, profile, maps, travel tips, layout, facilities and servive, travel guide of Yuanyang County Bus Station.

Yuanyang County Bus Station

Yuanyang Nasha Bus Station (南沙汽车站)

Address: No. 121, Renmin Road in Nansha Town of Yuanyang downtown (元阳县南沙镇人民路121号)
Tel: (0873)5643485

Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station (元阳新街汽车站)

Address: No. 121, Baisheng Section in Xinjie Town of Yuanyang downtown (元阳县新街镇百胜段)
Tel: 0873-5625481

Yuanyang County Bus Schedule

Nansha is where the new Yuanyang county town located and Xinjie represents the old Yuanyang county town. So Yuanyang (Nansha) Bus Station is bigger and busier than Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station as more people are moving to the new county town to live, work, study and etc. However, if you are coming to Yuanyang to visit the famous terraced field, we would advise you go to Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station as it has the shortest distance to the tourist attraction mentioned. Distance between Yuanyang (Nansha) Bus Station and Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station is about 30 km and the two places are connected by the shuttle bus.

Arrive Station Depart Time Line
金矿 06:00 元阳-金矿
金矿 06:30 元阳-金矿
金矿 07:00 元阳-金矿
开远 07:00 元阳-开远
开远 07:20 元阳-开远
金矿 07:30 元阳-河口
绿春 07:30 元阳-绿春
小新街 07:30-13:40 元阳-小新街
开远 07:40 元阳-开远
蒙自 08:10 元阳-蒙自
个旧 08:51 元阳-个旧
昆明 09:05 元阳-昆明
个旧 09:32 元阳-个旧
个旧 09:50 元阳-个旧
绿春 09:50 元阳-绿春
个旧 10:08 元阳-个旧
河口 10:10 元阳-河口
个旧 10:26 元阳-个旧
胜村 10:30 元阳-胜村
绿春 10:40 元阳-绿春
个旧 10:44 元阳-个旧
河口 11:00 元阳-河口
胜村 11:00 元阳-胜村
牛角寨 11:00 元阳-牛角寨
哈播 11:00 元阳-哈播
个旧 11:02 元阳-个旧
个旧 11:20 元阳-个旧
绿春 11:20 元阳-绿春
河口 11:30 元阳-河口
个旧 11:30 元阳-个旧
沙拉托 11:30 元阳-沙拉托
胜村 11:30 元阳-胜村
胜村 12:00 元阳-胜村
嘎娘 12:00 元阳-嘎娘
牛角寨 12:00 元阳-牛角寨
绿春 12:00 元阳-绿春
个旧 12:10 元阳-个旧
哈播 12:30 元阳-哈播
绿春 12:30 元阳-绿春
沙拉托 12:30 元阳-沙拉托
老集寨 12:30 元阳-老集寨
胜村 12:30 元阳-胜村
绿春 12:50 元阳-绿春
个旧 12:50 元阳-个旧
哈播 13:00 元阳-哈播
胜村 13:00 元阳-胜村
牛角寨 13:00 元阳-牛角寨
开远 13:10 元阳-开远
石屏 13:30 元阳-石屏
绿春 13:30 元阳-绿春

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