Bus Stations in Kunming City

1-Kunming West Bus Station
Address: Majie sub-district
Public Bus: No. 80, 82, 153, 908, 143 
Bus connections to: Dali Prefecture, Chuxiong Prefecture, Dehong PrefectureNujiang Prefecture, Lijiang CityDeqin Prefecture (Shangri-La) and Lincang City etc. 
Tel: 0871-6532 6258


2-Kunming South Bus Station
Address: New Luosiwan Trade Town
Public Bus: 12、170、210、212
Metro: Line No.1
Bus connections to: Pu’er city, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yuxi City, Honghe Prefecture, Jinning County
Tel: 0871-6736 1683


3-Kunming East Bus Station
Address: East suburb of Kunming
Public Bus: No.22, 29, 193, 194,902
Metro: Line no. 6
Bus connections to: Wenshan Prefecture, Gejiu City, Kaiyuan City, Mengzi City, Mi’le County, Luxi County, Hekou County, Pingbian County, Jinping County, Luliang County, Luoping County, Shilin County (Stone Forest), Yiliang County. 
Tel: 0871-6383 3680


4-Kunming North Bus Station
Address: Longtou St.
Public Bus: 9, 23, 25, 57, 79, 92, 96,168 
Bus connections to: Qujing City, Zhaotong City, Xundian County, Songming County, Luquan County, Dongchuan District
Tel: 0871-6837 3009


5-Kunming Northwest Bus Station
Address:  Puji Rd.
Public Bus: 151, 1, 189
Bus connections to: Yimen County, Anning City, Fumin County, Luquan County, Huaping County, Panzhihua City (Sichuan Province)
Tel: 0871-6826 5359