Public Buses in Yunnan


There are more than 100 bus lines which can take you to the every corner of Kunming. Taking the bus is one of the best and most convenient ways to get around the city. It costs CNY 1-2 Yuan per person to take the bus. Change is not given, so it is important to make sure visitors carry exact change with them. The public busses make stops at all of the city’s major sites and the downtown commercial centers.


There are dozens of public buses running to every corner of the Dali city. Most of them are self-serviced that require exact change. You can take them to some of the scenic spots. For example, take the No. 6 to Erhai Park or the No. 8 to the Ancient City. In addition, autobuses can shuttle visitors between various spots. For instance, it costs about CNY4 from Butterfly Spring to the Ancient City by autobus. Generally speaking, getting to the scenic spots by city-buses is very convenient and enjoyable.


Since Lijiang becoming a prosperous tourism city, the city buses have made a great progress in recent years. There are more than 10 bus lines running in the city, connecting every corner of the new district, except for the Old Town where no vehicles are allowed to enter. Every morning, the No.7 bus departs from Hongtaiyang Square in the north of the Old Town to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Also, No.8 which departs from the Department Store runs a circular route.


There are six city bus lines in Shangrila. Please note that bus no. 2 take passengers to the local Long-distance Bus Station and no. 3 leads to Songzanlin Monastery. To take a city bus, it is suggested to prepare CNY1 loose change in advance. 


There are a total of three public bus lines in Jinghong city proper. All the scenic spots and passenger transport stations inside Jinghong City can be reached by bus.