Yuanyang County Entertainment

Manla village culture room慢腊村文化室

Address: Manla road ,Y uanyang,

Nansha Spa南沙温泉

Chinese medical spa expert Chen Yan Bing in the “Spa and Wellness,” a book that, spas typically contain more of the active role of trace elements, there is a certain salinity, temperature is often higher than the spring 30 ℃. Hot Spring may have health effects following diseases: obesity, movement disorders (such as trauma, chronic rheumatoid arthritis), neurological disorders (nerve damage, paralysis, etc.), early mild cardiovascular disease, gout, skin diseases.

Low Spa 38 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, on human sedative, neurasthenia, insomnia, hypertension, heart disease, rheumatism, lumbar pain, colds, flexion and extension inconvenience a certain effect.

High Springs above 43 ℃, the human body to stimulate excitement role, while cardiovascular disease have a significant effect, can improve physical fitness, enhance immunity and prevent disease

Address: 031 Yuanyang County Road

Yuanyang County Auditorium元阳县演艺厅

Yuanyang Studio is a rich cultural flavor of the studio, if you are a music lover, to feel.

Address: Riverside Road

Jindi International Casino金帝国际娱乐城

Address: 27, Changqing Road in Yuanyang County

Summer Night Bar夏之夜酒吧

Address: 27 Changqing Road in Yuanyang County

Phone: 0873-6846966

Yashadi waterfall spa 丫沙底瀑布温泉

The water is clear, the scenery pleasant, all-natural original ecology, working and living in the city a long time, there really is a relaxing, breathing fresh air, contact with nature is a wonderful place.

Address: 20 kilometers of Yuanyang County Yuan Yang road fork into place

Phone: 0873-2135611