Bathing Festival in Caojian Town of Yunlong County, Dali

Chinese Name:大理云龙县漕涧镇二八澡潭会
English Name: Bathing Festival in Caojian Town of Yunlong County, Dali

Caojian Town漕涧镇 is located at the junction of Dali, Baoshan, and Nujiang in Yunnan Province, serving as the western gateway to Dali Prefecture and a vital passage to the Nujiang Grand Canyon. The altitude of Caojian Ba Zi ranges between 1950 and 2120 meters. Caodian boasts abundant geothermal hot spring resources, earning it the reputation of being the hometown of natural hot springs.

The traditional festival of Caodian Town, the “Er·Ba Bathing Festival,” is inaugurated, lasting for half a month. Merchants and visitors from all directions, including from within the province and beyond, converge for this lively event.


During the “Er·Ba Bathing Festival Arts Performance and Recognition Ceremony” held in the morning, the Party Committee and Government of Caojian Town recognized outstanding individuals such as moral role models, excellent teachers, and caring enterprises that emerged in 2015. They also organized an arts performance featuring more than ten cultural and artistic groups from Caojian Elderly Association, Yunlong No.2 High School, Caojian Middle School, and various village committees.

The performances included diverse cultural programs such as the Bai ethnic group’s “Mazi Song,” the Achang ethnic group’s “Dadao Dance,” the Miao ethnic group’s “Lusheng Dance,” the Yi ethnic group’s “July Torch Festival,” and a chorus titled “Blessings to Caojian.” These more than twenty colorful performances provided a rich cultural feast for the residents and visitors of the ancient town.

The “Er·Ba Bathing Festival” is an annual traditional event in Caojian Ancient Town, integrating festive celebrations, commodity trading, and tourism entertainment. It serves as another significant traditional festival after the Spring Festival, possessing unique characteristics. The festival plays a positive role in promoting traditional culture, flourishing folk arts, boosting economic development, and establishing Caojian as the leading town in the Nujiang Grand Canyon.

Caojian Town is renowned as the hometown of hot springs, boasting numerous upper, middle, and lower hot spring resources. The Upper and Middle Bathing Ponds are located amid the dense forests on the eastern foothills of Caojian, offering a picturesque setting with the fragrance of flowers and the melody of birdsong. These locations are popular among self-guided hiking enthusiasts. The Lower Bathing Pond is situated 9 kilometers west of the town in Xinsheng Village, featuring a rare hot spring waterfall and being a well-known hot spring waterfall in western Yunnan.

Bathing is one of the “Three Joys” in Caojian, especially during the New Year and Spring Festival. People from within the region and neighboring areas, including Baoshan, Nujiang, and even the hot spring town of Tengchong, gather with family and friends, bringing their wives and children for an extended stay of ten days to half a month. They enjoy bathing and recreation, washing away the fatigue and ailments accumulated over the past year. Merchants also take advantage of the occasion to sell goods, turning the event into the grand “Er·Ba Bathing Festival” over time.

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