1 Day Kunming Mushroom Tour to Wuding Lion Mountain with Wild Mushrooms Hot Pot

Lots of people do not like rainy season, because it makes people feel upset. But in Yunnan everyone seems likes this annoying season, because of the abundant rain is an indispensable condition for breed wild mushroom.


Wild mushrooms is top delicious food in Yunnan, locals love it and can be described as obsessive. If you are a tourist in Yunnan, you may not know how delicious it is. But as long as you have tasted wild mushrooms, you must be fall in love with it.

From July to August every year is the best time to eat wild mushroom, so take this weekend have one-day trip to Wuding, enjoy the wild mushrooms hot pot.


Climbing mountain

Shizi Mountain (means lion in Chinese) is located in Wuidng County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. The peak of the mountain is 2419.8 meters above sea level, and the elevation difference with Wuding County is around 680 meters. Total area of the scenic area is 13.6 square kilometers with a total of 36 scenic spots. 

The main scenic spot in Shizi Mountain is Zhengxu Temple, it has more than 670 years history. After repairing and expanding it keeps well preserved. 


Peony Garden

Every spring and summer season, there are over 20 species flower blooming in Shizi Mountain, peony is the most attractive. The peony planted in Shizi Mountain has long history, can be track back to Ming Dynasty. Peony is a traditional floral symbol of China, it is also known as “king of the flower”. The colorful peony fully blooming, makes people enjoy in the flower world.


Shizi Mountain Ticket Price : 100 yuan / person

Self driving route: Kunming →G5 Kunwu High Way → Wuding → Wuding Shizi Mountain 


Visit Wild Mushroom Market

Wild Mushroom Market located in the old Wuding town, from 2pm to 5pm every day is the busiest time. Local people picked wild mushrooms in the morning and sell them in the afternoon. 

In the market you can find all most all the species wild mushrooms in Yunnan, such like chanterelle mushroom, tricholoma matsutake mushroom, boletus mushroom and russula virescens mushroom.




Eat wild mushrooms hot pot

This trip is for wild mushrooms hot pot so find a restaurants which near by the market. There are hundreds of them, just choice the one you feel good. They all can cook delicious hot pot.

In Yunnan, locals have many different way to cook wild mushrooms, like stir fry, deep fry, but the best way in Wuding to eat wild mushrooms hot pot. Use chicken broth as the soup stock, add with three to four varieties of fresh picked wild mushrooms. Cook for 40 minutes by high heat, the aroma of mushrooms diffuses into the air from the billowing soup, then it is ready to eat. Some of the wild mushrooms are toxicity, 40 minutes high heat cook can make sure they are safe to eat.

Mushrooms have quiet different texture, so the taste is also different. When you first bite, the juice come out from the mushroom mix with soup.



 Do not eat unfamiliar mushrooms, and do not overeat at a time. Do not drink alcohol when eating mushroom because it can produce toxic components, resulting in poisoning. The symptoms of poisoning are complex and diverse, and the common response of most of them is gastroenteritis, with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In addition, neurological poisoning may result in hallucinations, insanity and others. There are also liver injury and hemolysis poisoning types. 

Once food poisoning occurs, you should throw up as soon as possible and go to the hospital to have a gastric lavage. It had better to bring the mushroom samples, and contact professionals to identify for further diagnosis and treatment.