Bella Ren

I am Bella/任新月,I am working for Trans Asia Discovery as English editor. I am from Yunnan Normal University and will be a senior student. I am honored to have the opportunity to work as an intern in your company, which I believe will play a very important role in my future planning and career positioning. 

I come from Lijiang, Yunnan, a very beautiful tourist city with a long history and splendid civilization. Lijiang ancient town, Yulong Snow Mountain, Naxi culture, Mufu Mansion, are all the landmark words of Lijiang. Although my hometown is a small town in Lijiang, its mango industry has developed rapidly over the years, and the mangoes in Huaping are sold well both in and out of the province. Huaping also has many ethnic minorities, mainly of them are Yi and Lisu people.

After introducing my hometown, I would like to introduce myself. I majored in tourism English in university, so I came to your company because I want to apply what I have learned to practice and put theoretical knowledge into practice. In daily life, I like to read some literary works or novels, I think books can increase my horizon and enrich my experience. I like to listen to music, it makes people relax and get a sense of peace from the busy life. I also like watching movies, especially European and American movies, from which I can learn native spoken English, science fiction and history are my favorites.

I think I am a outgoing and energetic person, always being warm and sincere to others. I think it’s a good quality to help others when necessary. In work, I will be serious and responsible, proactive and cultivate, and have the courage to bear pressure and innovate. I have strong adaptability and teamwork ability. Strong sense of discipline, active cooperation in work. Strong will, with a strong spirit of selfless dedication. Even though I haven’t graduated yet, but I am young, and capable of completing any job. Although I still lack some experience, but I will use time and sweat to make up, I will try my best to learn. Please rest assured that I will ensure the quality and quantity of the completion of all tasks. Thank you!