Emily Wang

I am Emily Wang , my Chinese name is 王海玲(Wang Hailing) , I am working for Trans Asia Discovery as English Editor. I was born in Yuanmou county, Chuxiong yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province. In my hometown, you can find the amazing Earth Forest, as well as the remnants of Yuanmou Man, where you can explore the unique landscape and the origin of human.What’s more, you can also enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables here, because of its special weather, Yuanmou offers the best tomatoes I have ever tasted.

I am going to graduated from Yunnan Normal University soon, I am major in English for tourism. I love my major and I love travel. I am obsessed with what I am learning, the beautiful natural scenery , and the unique ethnic cultural of Yunnan province. There were always new things waiting for me to discover and to learn. I was impressed by the tropical scenery in Xishuangbanna, and attracted by the mysterious Dongba characters of Naxi people. And during my study, we have the best teachers. They are the top tour guides and they love their career. I can feel their passion about tourism and also got mine.

For me, I like to reading, listening to music, reading, watching movies and play video games. For books, I am reading something about traditional Chinese festivals recently; for music, I love countryside music very much;for movies, I like action movies; and for games, I prefer these with special plots. but the most important thing is, I like to making friends very much. I want to make friends with people from different cultural, so that we can understand each other better and learn from each other as well. So, I am here, at Trans Asia Discovery, waiting for friends’ coming.

For my wok, I am a English Editor at Trans Asia Discovery.Trans Asia Discovery, with excellent leader, young, passionate and capable members, formed a great team. To me,as an intern, it’s my great honor to be part of this team. I deeply believe that I can learn a lot during my internship, not only from my work, but also from my boss and partners; not only knowledge, but also experience.And during my internship, I will try my best to complete part and contribute to the company, I believe I will have a unforgettable and useful internship experience.