Dahaiba Reservoir in Longyang District, Baoshan

Dahaiba and Xiaohaiba Reservoirs (保山大小海坝水库) is located in Longyang District, Baoshan.It consits of Dahaiba Reservoir (大海坝水库) and Xiaohaiba Reservoir(小海坝水库) .

Dahaiba Reservoir, situated in Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, is a significant water resource project serving multiple purposes for the local area. Here’s an overview of Dahaiba Reservoir:

  1. Location: Dahaiba Reservoir is located in Longyang District, which is part of Baoshan City in northwestern Yunnan Province, China. The reservoir is situated in a mountainous region characterized by rugged terrain, dense vegetation, and scenic landscapes.
  2. Purpose: Dahaiba Reservoir serves various purposes, including water supply, irrigation, flood control, and hydroelectric power generation. The reservoir plays a crucial role in meeting the water needs of local communities, supporting agricultural activities, mitigating flood risks, and generating clean energy for the region.
  3. Water Supply: As a major water supply source, Dahaiba Reservoir provides freshwater for domestic, industrial, and agricultural use in Longyang District and surrounding areas. The reservoir helps ensure a stable and reliable water supply for drinking, sanitation, irrigation, and other purposes, contributing to the socio-economic development and well-being of local residents.
  4. Irrigation: Dahaiba Reservoir facilitates irrigation schemes that enhance agricultural productivity and support rural livelihoods in the region. The reservoir’s water is used to irrigate farmland, nourish crops, and sustain agricultural activities, thereby promoting food security and economic prosperity in rural communities.
  5. Flood Control: During the rainy season and periods of heavy rainfall, Dahaiba Reservoir plays a vital role in flood control and disaster management. The reservoir has the capacity to store excess water and regulate downstream flow, helping to reduce the risk of flooding, safeguard lives and property, and minimize the impact of natural disasters on local communities.
  6. Hydroelectric Power Generation: Dahaiba Reservoir harnesses hydropower to generate electricity, contributing to the region’s energy supply and supporting sustainable development. The reservoir’s hydroelectric power station utilizes the potential energy of stored water to produce clean and renewable electricity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating environmental impacts.
  7. Recreation and Tourism: In addition to its practical functions, Dahaiba Reservoir also offers recreational opportunities and attracts tourists seeking outdoor activities and scenic beauty. Visitors to the reservoir can enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, picnicking, and sightseeing amidst the tranquil surroundings of the reservoir and its surrounding mountains.

Overall, Dahaiba Reservoir serves as a multi-functional water infrastructure project that plays a critical role in meeting the diverse needs of local communities, supporting economic development, and enhancing environmental sustainability in Longyang District, Baoshan City, and the wider Yunnan Province.