Baoshan Dining

Baoshan dining enjoys a long history with special flavor, mainly on Yunnan Cuisine, which has something to do with horse caravan culture, folk culture and the natural resources. It develops its own dining style. There are much great food and abundant food materials in Baoshan. Take the dining of Tengchong as an example, it has the characteristics of refreshing, appetizing and moderate vinegar-pepper. The most famous specialties are Xiachun bean noodles, Dajiujia, Shidian Bean Slices, Tounao, Tengchong Preserved Fruits,etc. 

What to Eat in Baoshan

1. Xiachun Bean Noodles

The features of it are bright-colored, chewy, tender and fresh. Especially the bean noodles made by factories like "Tuozi bean noodles", "Dongjiaque" and "yizhuomao" are so slender that they can wind around the chop-sticks and their quality and cutting skills become salutary tales around the people of the same trade. 


Dajiujia ( means to come to the emperor's rescue) is one of the most famous local flavors of Tengchong Yunnan, one of fried Erkuai. The way of cooking it is to cut erkuai into pieces, add ham, egg, meat, carrot and tomato, deep-fry them in the pot to well-done. 

3.Shidian Bean Slices

Shidian Bean Slices are traditional famous food of Shidian. It takes local white peas as its main ingredients and it has a history of more than 100 years. Wave-shaped and light-yellow-colored, it looks light and transparent and tastes tender and delicious and it's rich in nutrition, which is the best food to treat guests by local people. The ways of cooking it are various: you may fry, toast, steam or boil it.


Tounao belongs to nourished medicinal cuisine. The syrup contains three fatty pieces of mutton, a lotus root and a Chinese yam boiled in a bowl of flour paste. While eating it , throw some Chinese chives on it. Shaanxi Tounao has already been famous for a long time while Tengchong Tounano in Yunnan has just appeared.

5.Tengchong Preserved Fruits

Tengchong preserved fruits take fruits of sub-tropical and temperate zone as their main materials, of which assorted preserved papaya candy, licorice mango and preserves are famous. Tengchong preserved fruits choose fresh plum, mango, hawthorn, papaya and red bayberry as material, adapt scientific formula and produce more than 30 kinds preserves of Beijing and Guangdong flavors.

6.Hetu Dashao

Eaten together with Xiachun bean noodles and another Baoshan traditional dish-Hetu Dashao, it will be much more wonderful. Dashao, or "toast pig", has always been a big dish for feast in Baoshan, of which the toast pigs made by people in Hetu village are especially famous.

7.Dabaopian (Big light pieces)

It's a dish which tests cooks cutting skills. The main materials are pig's ear, tongue and mouth, of which the cooking method is unique. Wait until the well-done materials are cool, then cut them into pieces as big as a palm and as light as a piece of paper. If you stick it on the wall, it won't drop, hence the name "Dabaopian". Then you can eat it with ready-made seasonings.

Where to Eat in Baoshan

1.Mom's Cooking(妈妈的味道)

Add: Jiajiaba(贾家坝), Heshun Ancient Town
Tel: 13378753155

2. Wu You Restaurant(无有景观餐厅)

Add: No.56, Houtoupo, Dashi Lane
Tel: 18849822907

3. Sister Long's Private Kitchen(龙姐私房菜)

Add: No.29, Lijia Lane, Heshun
Tel: 15208757829