The Pearl Lakes of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang

About the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The ecological protection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has been closely watched. However, the glacier of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has been retreating and the snowline has been rising in recent years due to global warming and the drought in Lijiang City. Hence, the ecological environment has become very fragile. To protect the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, protect the important water source of Lijiang city, the government implemented the lake-groups projects; actively explore a path to combine the exploitation, utilization and protection of the ecological environment to protect water ecological environment Baisha lake area, Yulong County.

History of the Pearl Lakes of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang

Baisha area attaches great importance to ecological protection for many years. The government began to make use of artificial afforestation to control stony desertification here Since 1985. However, the artificial planting of trees are difficult to survive due to the several-years- drought and water shortage in this area. In early 2013, the project to comprehensively implement environmental governance and soil and water conservation plan in Baisha district got national approval. The project, with a total investment of nearly 500 million Yuan, and its implementation was divided into two phases. The implementation of the first phase covers 75 lakes with the lake surface area of 910700 square meters and the total storage capacity of 1.36 million cubic meters. One lake is connected with other lakes by the pipes. The construction of the first phase began in August last year and was completed at the end of August this year with 75 lakes already impounded.
As the construction headquarters introduced, first-phase project covers 74 artificial lakes around the Wenhua Jade Lake areas (文华玉湖片区). They are also known as the Baisha pearl lake groups with the total capacity of 1.33 million cubic meters, designed lake depth of 1.2 to 1.5 meters. The main construction contents including the ecological lake projects and pipeline projects are expected to be completed in the first half of the next year. And its water supply depends mainly on the water drawn from Baishui river.

Baisha Town, the birthplace of Naxi culture and an important part of the world cultural heritage— Lijiang ancient City, is the only water source of Lijiang dam since ancient times, but due to the geological and climate conditions, the ecological environment here is so fragile that it can’t match with the national 5A scenic spot. What’s worse, owing to the five-years-drought nearly, water ecological environment and water source protection work in Baisha town are all the more important. The comprehensive benefit of the project will be fully revealed after the comprehensive completion of the lake groups’ protection in Baishasa water ecological environment. Not only can it helps to adjust climate protection of the snow mountain region, improve water conservation ability of Baisha area, greatly improve the stony desertification in Baisha area, protect the ecosystem environment here, and promote the forest fire prevention ability, but also it can add new charm to Lijiang tourism and greatly enhance the ornamental value of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by the unique stereo chemical structure of snow mountains-forest-grassland-marshes-lake, combined with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the AAAAA national scenic spot.

Other Attractions 

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountains (玉龙雪山) are a small group of peaks close to the city of Lijiang. The nearest slope is only about 30 kilometers north of the Dayan Ancient City District, and the mountain can be clearly seen from the Black Dragon Pool next to the ancient district.

Lijiang Ancient Town

The beauty of the Old City is also due to the integrity of geographical nature and harmony. In 30 km northwest to the Old City lies the unconquerable Yulong Snow Mountain of 5,596 m and the relics of glacier in the Quaternary Period. The spring is divided into three branches to flow into the Old City relatively from east, middle and west.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool (also Heilongtan), or Jade Spring(Yuquan) Park is the main headwater of the Yushui River which goes through the Old Town. People believe that the gods of the Naxi people are living in the chestnut woods, beside the mouth of springs, behind the carved doors and below the bridges. The springs come from the god-protected mountains and gather in this place and finally form the dragon pool. Then water goes down a waterfall and becomes the Yuhe River, pouring life to the Old Town.

Dongba Culture Museum,Lijiang

The Dongba culture is a most inclusive term referring mainly to the language and scriptures. The Dongba language is actually composed of 1,400 picture-like characters and symbols that are still used by Dongbas, researchers and artists of the culture. It is by now the only living hieroglyph in the world and is regarded as a precious cultural relic of mankind. On August 30, 2003, the Dongba classical literature was accepted as a written world heritage by UNESCO.

Tours Including The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

1 Day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with Impression Lijiang Show 

1 Day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Small Group Tour

Recommended Route to Visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Classic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area Route

Enjoy the charming natural landscape and the grand view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at Ganhaizi, and take the tramway to appreciate the wonder of the “Green Glacier Peaks” at the Glacier Park. Then go to the Blue-Moon Valley to see the crystal clear water. After that, enjoy yourself in the natural paradise in Spruce Meadow and the best scenery of the snow mountain. Then, watch the magnificent Impression Show at the outdoor theater in Ganhaizi or Blue-Moon Valley. (For about a half to 1 day)

In-depth Huge Jade Dragon Scenic Area Route

Appreciate the natural landscape at Ganhaizi, and take the tramway to see the wonder of the “Green Glacier Peaks” at the Glacier Park. Enjoy the crystal clear water at Blue-Moon Valley. Next, have a relaxing time at the natural paradise of Spruce Meadow. Then, take the tram to Yak Meadow to see the idyllic view and the picturesque view of the snow mountain. And come down to watch the magnificent Impression Show at the outdoor theater in Ganhaizi Valley. After that, appreciate the characters and carvings of immortals of Dongba. Then, admire the historic Baisha Murals in Baisha Village. (For about 1-2 days)

Fee in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area

Huge Yulong Scenic Area through Ticket: RMB 230/p

(Including Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Dongba culture sites, Baisha Mural area, Jade Water Stockade Village, Yuzhuqingtian, Jade Peak Temple; excluding tramway, Lijiang Ancient City Protection fee, and the fee of Impression Lijiang Show, etc.; valid for 2 days)

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area: RMB 130/p

(Including Ganhaizi, Blue-Moon Valley; excluding tramway, Lijiang Ancient City Protection fee, and the fee of Impression Lijiang Show, etc.; valid for that one day)

The Glacier Park: RMB 172/p

Tramway to Glacier Park: RMB 182/p

Tramway to Spruce Meadow: RMB 57/p (round trip)

Tramway to Yak Meadow: RMB 62/p (round trip)

Fees of other sites are from RMB 25-65/p.

(The above time and fee are for reference only, for the detail and updated information, please contact our Travel Consultant)

Attraction Travel Tips

Admission Fee:

CNY 130 for the entrance charge
CNY 190 for the Impression Lijiang Show
CNY 230 for a combo ticket (valid for two days). It includes the snow mountain, Yushui Village (also called Jade Water Village), Dongba Valley, Yufeng Temple, Yuzhu Qingtian Scenic Resort, Dongba Kingdom, Dongba Gods’ Garden and Baisha Mural).

1. Tourists with the entrance tickets to the snow mountain can visit Ganhaizi Grassland and Blue Moon Valley for free.
2. Tourists are required to take the sight-seeing bus to reach the ropeway terminal. It costs CNY 20 per person.

Ropeway Fare:

Glacier Park: CNY180 for the big ropeway (round-trip).
Yak Level Ground: CNY 60 for the middle ropeway (round-trip), CNY 30 for a single trip.
Spruce Level Ground: CNY 55 for the small ropeway (round-trip), CNY 27.5 for a single trip.

1. For the sake of the tourists’ safety, they are suggested to buy the insurance (CNY 2) when they buy the ropeway tickets.
2. Children below 3.3 feet (1 meter) take the ropeway for free while those who are between 3.3 and 3.9 feet (1 and 1.2 meters) enjoy 50 percent discount.
3. Ropeway ticket office is open from 07:00 to 16:30.

How to Get There

  1. Take the 6 bus from Lijiang Ancient Town, get off at Baisha Station, and walk 3 kilometers to the scenic spot
  2. Take the 7 bus at the Red Sun Square, get off at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
  3. Ride bike all along the road from the Lijiang Ancient Town