Ganheba Valley of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang

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Chinese Name:丽江玉龙雪山干河坝
English Name: Ganheba Valley of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang

Ganheba, a beautiful scenery in Lijiang(丽江)that rarely known by people, it is a long and narrow dam which located in the southern part of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. All the way to the west to enter the foot of Shanzidou(扇⼦陡)the main mountain, where you can view the precipices and glaciers scenery of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Ganheba Valley can also be called dead end valley, due to three sides of the mountain are surrounded by the cliffs which is unable to get through and have to return by the same way. In total is 18.2 kilometers for a round trip on foot, 3000-3460 meters above sea level (up to 3900 meters at most to the west for climbing).

The grand and mysterious Jade Dragon Snow Mountain canyon(⽟龙雪⼭⼤峡⾕). A rugged highland pasture is reflecting the color of autumn season where people linger; Pure and fresh Ganheba( ⼲ 河 坝 ), vigorous and straight Chamaecyparis standing on the both side of the riverbed waving in the cold wind to greet people is refreshing; Although the milk river has dried but its still beautiful as it use to be which is really haunting; Even the sliding gravel particles and stones are fascinating and inspired imagination; While you still immersed in the past beautiful experiences, a cliff rise into sight, the patron saint of the mountain of Naxi people —- Jade Dragon Snow Mountain makes people feel the nature’s majesty immediately.

Crossing the meadow and river, facing the snow mountain, enjoying the endless treasure of nature, getting the boundless pattern of life.

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