3 Days XishuangBanna Cycling Tour

Day 1 Jinghong-Nannuo Mountain-Jinghong
Day 2 Jinghong-Highest Point of Mengyang-Manzhang-Jinghong
Day 3 Jinghong-Menghun-Menggang-Mengbang Reservoir-Mengzhe-Menghai-Jinghong

Day 1 Jinghong-Nannuo Mountain-Jinghong (Cycling 5-15KM)
Sightseeing and Activities:Nannuo Mountain, Ani Villages, King of Puer Tea Tree
Accommodation: Jinghong
Meals: Lunch in local hostel

Drive to Mount. Nannuo, a place in the middle of way from Jinghong to Menghai, famous for tea of very good quality, as well a traditional inhabitancy area of Aini people, local Aini is good at tea planting and production, big number of ancient tea trees aged several hundred years are scattered around, and still bearing buds to benefit villagers.
Start the cycling tour from the top of Nannuo Mountain, visit Nannuo Mountain, Ani Villages, King of Puer Tea Tree.

Day 2 Jinghong-Wotuozhai (Highest Point of Mengyang)-Mengyang-Manzhang-Jinghong (35KM cycling)
Sightseeing and Activities: Wotuozhai Village, Manzhang Village, Dai ethnic pottery making, Dai etnnic paper making,Fish catching in the fields
Accommodation: Jinghong
Meals: Lunch in Manzhang

Drive to Wotuozhai Village, which is the highest point of Mengyang Town, start the cycling down to Manzhang Village around 35KM. Stop to visit Manluanlegao village (曼娈勒告村), Manka village(曼卡村),Jingmankan Village (曼景坎村), Manman Village (曼满).
Arrive at Manzhang Village (曼掌) for lunch.
Start the Dai ethnic pottery making, Dai etnnic paper making and Fish catching experience in the river for children in Manzhang Village.
Transfer back to Jinghong in the late afternoon.

Day 3 Menghun-Menggang (Qingningmeng Inn )-Mengbang Reservoir-Mengzhe-Menghai-Jinghong (Cycling 35KM)
Sightseeing and Activities: Qingningmeng Inn by french,Mengbang Reservoir,Qingningmeng Inn,Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion and Temple
Accommodation: Jinghong
Meals: Lunch in Qingningmeng Inn
Transfer from Jinghong to Menghun Town(勐混), start the cycling tour from Menghun Town to Menggang Town (勐岗)via Labating Village,Laozhai Village, Menggang Village and arrive at Menggang Hani and Bulang ethnic Town.

Have lunch in Qingningmeng Inn (Green Lemon Inn/青柠檬庄园) opened by french and local ethnic lady(named Yuxinla).
Continue the cycling to Mengbang Reservoir(勐邦水库) and try the adventure swimming in the Reservoir.
Ride to Mengzhe Town (勐遮) and drive to Menghai County, pay a visit to Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion and Temple.
Transfer back to Jinghong in the late afternoon.