Dali City (Xiaguan Town)-Heqing County Transportation

Dali City and Heqing County are both under the jurisdiction of Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Heqing County(鹤庆县) is located in the southern end of Hengduan Mountains in west Yunnan, the east of Yunling Mountains, the northern part of of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, bordering Lijiang City in the north. External traffic of Heqing County is mainly the Heqing bus terminal.

How to Get to Heqing County from Dali City (Xiaguan Town)

With a distance of about 140 kilometers, tourists can go from Dali City to Heqing County mainly by long-distance bus. 

1. Long-distance Bus

The transportation between Dali City and Heqing County refers to two main long-distance bus stations, Dali North Bus Station and Heqing Bus Terminal. There are about 40 daily buses from Dali City to Heqing County, and the journey is about 2 hours.

Heqing County Bus Terminal鹤庆县客运站
Address: Provincial Road No.221, Heqing County, Dali Prefecture大理白族自治州鹤庆县221省道
Tel: 0872-4122196

Dali North Bus Station-Heqing Bus Terminal
Departure Time: 6:40-13:00(every 20 Minutes), 13:00-17:45(every 15 minutes), 18:10, 19:00
Price: 40 CNY
Distance: 140 kilometers
Consume Time: About 3 hours

2. By Train

Heqing Railway Station is Located in Beixi Road(北溪路), Heqing County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The trains from Dali to Lijiang will stop at Heqing Station for 2-3 minutes. In 2-3 minutes, the train will continue to Lijiang. Heqing Station is just a intermediate station. The price ranges from CNY 25.5(Hard seat/No seat)-310.5(soft sleeper compartment). Please note: The train stops at Heqing station for a short time, please get ready to get off in advance. 

Train Number Departs Arrives Stopover Time Price
K6121 17:15 19:17 3 minutes Hard seat: 25.5 CNY/Soft sleeper: 99.5 CNY/Compartment: 310.5 CNY
K6123 19:05 21:03 2 minutes Hard seat: 25.5 CNY/Soft seat: 38.5 CNY/Soft sleeper: 99.5 CNY

3. By Chartered Bus 

There might be chartered buses around Dali Ancient Town, Dali City Bus Stations and Dali Railway Station, you can go and ask the drivers details. You will spend more money taking chartered bus, but it is more convenient and flexible than the long-distance bus.

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