Heqing County Dining

People who take a tour to Heqing County never forget to taste local food which is different from the one in other places. All the foods talked about below are the representatives of local food and the essence of local food culture.

1. Goat Raw Hide (Shengpi)

Cut the baked pork (mostly from the hip and rear lag) and pork liver into filaments, take onions, garlic, parsley, stewed plum, spicy noodles, soy sauce, etc. as the condiments, put the filaments in the condiments for eating. This is known among the people as “eating raw hide”. The custom is said to date from the period of Nanzhao Kingdom with a long history. The shredded meat with condiments wipes off the fishy smell and provides unprecedented fresh, tender and sweet feeling.

2. Rice Stewed in Copper Pot

Use copper pots to stew the rice, add the rice with ham, soybeans, other vegetables and condiment, very delicious.

3. Preserved Pork Organs

It is a traditional famous native dish in Heqing County, and mainly made from pork (pig liver, tripe, intestines) and picked vegetables, chopped with red pepper.

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