Dali-Lijiang Railway

Brief Introduction

Dali-Lijiang railway(DaLi大丽 for short) is 164 kilometers in length, starting from Dali in the south and reaching Lijiang in the north. It is an important part of the Yunnan-Tibet railway project. It began construction in 2004 and was originally scheduled to be opened to traffic by the end of June 2008. However, due to the influence of geological conditions, engineering construction and design alteration, the operation was delayed to the end of 2009.

According to the plan, the railway would serve as an important section of the Yunnan-Tibet railway, northward connecting the Lixiang Railway(Lijiang-Shangri-La) which began to build in June 2009 and extending to Tibet; Eastward connecting the Guangda Railway(Guangtong-Dali) to Kunming; Westward connecting Darui Railway(Dali-Ruili), extending from Ruili and Tengchong to Myanmar, and connecting Burma with Southeast Asian countries to form a railway network, it is an important part of the international corridor construction for southwest China.


1. Lijiang Traffic Will Change From Terminal to Transit

After DaLi Railway was opened to traffic, with the expansion of the city scale and the acceleration of the urbanization process, Lijiang, relying on the geographical advantages of northwest Yunnan getting into Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet, promoted the commodity exchange between Lijiang and the surrounding areas.

2. Promoting the Development of Logistics Industry in Lijiang City

With the development of logistics industry, the industrial economy of Lijiang City will develop more rapidly. With the opening of DaLi railway, focusing on railway freight distribution, which was accelerated to build a logistics park in the ancient town district, so as to speed up the logistics connection between lijiang city, the whole country and southeast Asia. It is of strategic significance to give full play to the advantages of railway transportation in Lijiang to develop modern logistics industry, to promote the sustainable economic development of Lijiang City, to strengthen the vitality of existing pillar industries and to provide comprehensive competitiveness.

3. Promoting the Development of Industrial Enterprises in Lijiang City

Lijiang City was mostly rough processing enterprises with thin profit and large transportation cost. After the railway was opened, the enterprise product cost was reduced, and the market competition of the enterprise products was improved.

4. Increasing Passenger Volume

The opening of the Dali-Lijiang Railway, people who live in Lijiang and who love Lijiang have more travel options. After the opening of the Dali-Lijiang Railway, the train has become the preferred means of transportation for most people.

5. Promoting the Development of Tourism

Improved traffic has increased the source of tourists in the Dali and Lijiang tourist market. More people travel to Dali and Lijiang, which promotes the tourism development of Dali and Lijiang.

Train Schedules

1. Dali-Lijiang Train Timetable

Direct trains from Dali to Lijiang will stop at Heqing Station for 2-3 minutes. In 2-3 minutes, the train will continue to Lijiang. Heqing Station is just a intermediate station between Dali Railway Station and Lijiang Railway Station. Lijiang Railway Station is located in Shangji Road(上吉路), Yulong County, Lijiang City. The price ranges from CNY 34(Hard seat/No seat)-328.5(soft sleeper compartment).

Train Number Departs Arrives Stopover Time Price
K6121 17:15 20:06 3 minutes(in Heqing) Hard seat: 34 CNY/Soft sleeper: 105.5 CNY/Compartment: 328.5 CNY
K6123 19:05 21:33 2 minutes(In Heqing) Hard seat: 25.5 CNY/Soft seat: 49 CNY/Soft sleeper: 105.5 CNY

2. Lijiang-Dali Train Timetable

Train Number Departs Arrives Stopover Time Price
K6120 07:00 08:59 / Hard seat: 34 CNY/Soft sleeper: 105.5 CNY/Compartment: 328.5 CNY
K6122 16:00 18:22 2 minutes(In Heqing) Hard seat: 25.5 CNY/Soft seat: 49 CNY/Soft sleeper: 105.5 CNY

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