Kunming Subway Line 6

East Coach Station – Airport Center

(Identification Color: yellow green          )

Kunming subway line 6 is the first rail transit in the city, connecting the downtown area and Changshui International Airport with a total distance of 27km (17 mi). Its construction is divided into two phases: phase one between East Coach Station and Airport Center is now in service, and phase two with the stations of Tangzixiang, Tuodong Stadium, Juhua General Transport Hub and Juhua are still under construction, which are expected to operate by late 2017.
See subway maps for reference.

Ticket Fare

For different trips, the fare varies from CNY2 to CNY5.
1. Children under 4 feet (1.3 meters) can enjoy free ride on the subway.
2. Paying with Kunming Transportation Card, passengers can enjoy 10% discount.


Station To Airport Center To East Coach Station
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
East Coach Station 06:20 22:20
Airport Center 06:20 22:20

 Note: Trains on line 6 operate every 15 minutes. A whole single trip takes around 17 minutes and the ticket price is CNY5.


 East Coach Station: Transfer with Line 3

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Line 6

(‘ ‘ points out kunming metro transfer stations.)

 East Coach Station
Surroundings: East Coach Station, Hongqiao Road, Haoyijia Supermarket, Changyun Restaurant, Zhaoqing Road, Yuncheng Hotel, Hengxiang Hotel, Shichuan Cuisine Restaurant
Bus Routes: K9, K17, K18, 22, 29, 60, 193, 237, 902, 906, C136, C137

Surroundings: No.96 Country Road, Airport Expressway, No.17 Middle School, Banqiao Middle School, Dabanqiao Town, Longquan Temple, Jinjiang Inn, Chenxi Community
Bus Routes: 11, 903, C67, C131, C136, K46, K55, Z111

 Airport Front
Surroundings: Middle Changgang Road, West Airport Road, Qingfeng Road, Changgang Road, Honglong Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 919C, 919D

 Airport Center
Surroundings: Changshui International Airport, Xinxin Business Hotel, Hangcheng Hotel, Shangyi Shidai Hotel, Best Yue Hang Hotel
Bus Routes: 919A, 919B, 919C, 919D, 919E

Route of Kunming Subway Line 6 Phase Two

Surroundings: Guikun Road, Yulong Road, West Guishi Road, Heitu’ao Community, Shengshiyipin Community, Liangting Community Hospital, Guandu District Hongchen School, Jinma Central School, Juli Boutique Hotel, Yixintang Drugstore
Bus Routes: 108, 247, D30, Z74, C67

 Juhua General Transport Hub
Surroundings: Juhua Flyover, Dongjiao Road, Juhua Community, Yunan Transportation Center Hospital, Wuli Primary School, Minhang Road Primary School, China Mobile, 7 Days Inn, Hengdu Business Hotel, Dongjiao Drugstore, Haorenjia Drugstore
Bus Routes: 5, 51, 62, 72, 109

 Tuodong Stadium
Surroundings: East Huancheng Road, Tuodong Stadium, Kunming Library, Telecom International Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, Construction Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, China Mobile
Bus Routes: 5, 25, 28, 63, 67, 72, 74, 75, 78, 89, 103, 105, 111, 182, 201, K1

Surroundings: Beijing Road, Wujing Road, Tangshuang Road, Lancangjiang Huayuan Community, Kuntie Jiayuan Community, Guandu District No.5 Middle School, Heping Primary School, 1st People’s Hospital, 3rd People’s Hospital, Baixingyuan Drugstore, Shengda Express Hotel, Chunguang Hotel, Haitian Hotel, Home Inn, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Construction Bank, China Mobile, China Unicom
Bus Routes: 2, 23, 26, 47, 68, 83, 89, 117