Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall in Kunming

Located in the center of Kunming, next to Justice Road, the northwest is Cuihu Park, the southwest is Golden Horse House, and next to Guanghua Street, the famous Kunming Old Street. However, compared with the surrounding bustling atmosphere, the huge square is quiet and has become a parking lot. Monuments and the Memorial Hall of the Victory of the War of Resistance have relatively high architectural attainments, especially at the southern end of the square there are two long and narrow buildings in beige, which are very distinctive, but few visitors come to visit the card.
The Memorial Hall of the Victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan(昆明抗日战争纪念馆) is located on Guanghua Street. Yunnan is one of the most important chapters in the modern history of China. Kunming is the most brilliant page in this period of history. Whether it is the national war of resistance against Japan or the battle of entering Myanmar, it has written a glorious and sobbing history.
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