Li Zengbao – Representative Inheritor of Lahu Lusheng Dance Project in Lancang County, Puer 

Li Zengbao(李增保) was born in 1932 in Cun Xiazhai(村下寨), Datangzi Village(大塘子村), Zhutang Township(竹塘乡), Lahu Autonomous County, Puer City. He was a representative inheritor of the Lahu Reed Dance Project.

Life Experience

Li Zengbao loved his traditional culture since he was a child. At the age of 15, he began to learn Lusheng Dance with the father and learn to sing the ancient songs of the nation.When he was 20 years old, he basically mastered the movements and routines of the Lusheng Dance. He was famous in the local area.

At the age of 40, he mastered more than 100 sets of Lusheng Dance, especially good at Gaji(嘎祭), old man dance(老人物), Yanuoga(亚诺嘎), open door dance(开门舞), monkey dance(猴子舞), etc. And he can sang the epic “Mupamipa”(牡帕密帕) completely.

His Lusheng Dance moves are in place, with vivid image and lively rhythm, forming a deep but firm and flexible artistic style, completely retaining the original and primitive Lusheng dance charm, with distinct national characteristics and artistic appeal.


Li Zengbao often uses spare time to organize local people to teach Lusheng Dance. Under his leading and teaching, a group of young Lusheng dancers are active in the local area and appear in various cultural activities. Li Zengbao played an active role in inheriting and developing the Lahu dance.

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