Li Hongyuan – Inheritor of Huadeng Music in Hongta District, Yuxi

Li Hongyuan(李鸿源) was born in Hongta District(红塔区), Yuxi(玉溪市) in 1937. He was the representative Inheritor of Huadeng Music in Hongta District, Yuxi.

Life Experience

Influenced by his father Li Shou(李寿), Li Hongyuan(李鸿源) began singing Yunnan Opera(滇剧) and Huadeng Music(花灯) when he was young. After entering the Huadeng Troupe of the People’s Theatre in Yuxi District(玉溪专区人民戏院花灯团) in 1955, Li Hongyuan was engaged in the composition of Huadeng Music under the guidance of Xue Guoxing(薜国兴), Yang Jiongming(杨炯明) and Ouyang Zhang(欧阳璋). Li Hongyuan is proficient in the Yuanliu(源流) and Qulpai(曲牌) of Huadeng Music, and has designed music and singing tunes for more than 200 lantern plays such as Moxinv(《莫悉女》) and won many prizes in provincial and national competitions.


Li Hongyuan’s Huadeng Music not only has the distinct features of Huadeng Music, but also conforms to the characteristics and feelings of the characters. On the basis of inheriting Yuxi Huadeng Music, Li Hongyuan also absorbed and integrated other music materials to innovate Yuxi Huadeng Music. He summarized six techniques of Huadeng Music, namely, Decoration(套用装饰), Emphasis features(重点突出), Variety(一曲多变), Connection(曲牌连接), Collection(摘句集曲) and Multi-tone(多声色彩).


Li Hongyuan’s main papers include more than 10 articles, such as Composition and Creation of Tunes(《配曲与创腔》), Analysis of Composition Techniques of Huadeng Music(花灯音乐作曲技法探析), Introduction to Huadeng Music in Yuxi Area(《玉溪地区花灯音乐简介》). He edited a 400,000-word series of Yunnan Opera Music, Yuxi Huadeng Music(《玉溪花灯音乐》), and published his personal monograph Selected Works of Huadeng Music by Li Hongyuan(《李鸿源花灯音乐作品选》). In 2006, he got the Yunnan Literature and Art Achievement Award(云南文学艺术成就奖) by the Propaganda Department of Yunnan Provincial Committee(云南省省委宣传部), Yunnan Provincial Culture Department(云南省文化厅) and Yunnan Provincial Literature and Art Federation(云南省文联).

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