Lancang County Overview

1. Basic Information of Lancang County

  • Chinese Name: 澜沧县
  • Area: 8,807square kilometers
  • Population: 494,800(2013)
  • Zip code: 665600
  • Dialing code: (+86) 0879

2. Where is Lancang County

Lancang Lahu Autonomous County (澜沧拉祜族自治县) is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Pu'er City, Yunnan Province. The county is located in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province. It is named after the Lancang River in the east. With a total area of 8,807 square kilometers, the county is the second largest county in Yunnan Province with the boundary line of 80.563 kilometers. The seat of Lancang County is Menglangba at the sea level of 1,054 meters.

3. Administrative Divisions of Lancang County

Lancang Lahu Autonomous County (澜沧拉祜族自治县) has jurisdiction over 3 towns, and 17 townships. The seat of Lancang County is Enle Town.

  • 3 Towns: Menglang Town(勐朗镇), Shangyun Town(上允镇), Nuozhadu Town(糯扎渡镇)
  • 17 Townships: Qianliu Yi Township(谦六彝族乡), Donghe Township(东河乡), Dashan Township(大山乡), Nanling Township(南岭乡), Jiujing Hani Township(酒井哈尼族乡), Huimin Hani Township(惠民哈尼族乡), Donghui Township(东回乡), Laba Township(拉巴乡), Zhutang Township(竹塘乡), Fubang Township(富邦乡), Ankang Wa Township(安康佤族乡), Wendong Wa Township(文东佤族乡), Fudong Township(富东乡), Xuelin Wa Township(雪林佤族乡), Muga Township(木戛乡), Fazhanhe Hani Township(发展河哈尼族乡), and Nuofu Township(糯福乡).

4. Ethnic People of Lancang County

In Lancang County, there were many ethnic groups, including 5 ethnic groups including the Yi, Han, Wa, Hani and Lahu nationalities.

5. Climate and Weather of Lancang County

Lancang County is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer. The climate mainly belongs to the mountainous region monsoon climate of the south subtropics without hot summer and cold winter. The rainfall is abundant, the sunshine is sufficient, and the dry and rainy seasons are obvious.

6. Best Time to Visit Lancang County

It is suitable to visit Lancang County all year round. Like many other cities in Yunnan, Lancang is a place where the seasons are like spring. There is no cold, no heat, warm and humid, especially suitable for human habitation, so you can go to Lancang at any time.

7. What to Do in Lancang County

Within the territory, there are over 10 scenic plots such as Lahu Fengqing Park(拉祜风情园), Xiaolushan Viewing Platform(小庐山观景台), Laodabao(老达保), Fengmiyan Viewing Platform(蜜蜂岩观景点), Nuozhadu Scenic Area(糯扎渡旅游风景区) and so on.

8. How to Get to Lancang County

Lancang County can be accessible by planes and long-distance buses. There is a Passenger Transport Bus Station in Lancang County. Tourists can take long-distance buses to Lancang from Kunming, Menghai, Lincang, Simao, etc.

9. History of Lancang County

Before 109 BC, the present Lancang County was the southern boundary of the ancient Dai Country “Mengdaguang(勐达光)”(Ailao Country in Chinese).