Miyilu Folk Custom Valley in Nanhua County, Chuxiong

Why is Miyilu Folk Custom Valley So Special

After entering into Nanhua County, Miyilu Folk Custom Valley is a must-see attraction. The Folk Custom Valley is a minority settlement area, which displays the cultural phenomena, such as, folk legends, farming culture, marriage and funeral customs, and production and life scenes of the Yi people. Through the Maanshan Tunnel(马鞍山隧道), come to the Miyilu Folk Custom Valley with a pleasant climate and verdant forest. It is the national AAA-level tourist attraction that Nanhua County took more than ten years, which is a combination of cultural experience, leisure and entertainment, special food, eco-tourism and rural tourism. The most proud of the Miyilu Folk Custom Valley is the unique ecological environment. Here, the green hills are always green, and the stream is always flowing. The forest coverage rate of the scenic spot is as high as 72%, which creates favorable conditions for the economic development of the forest. In spring, people can go here to enjoy the idyllic scenery that peach and plum trees rival in beauty in spring. In summer, it is the most lively season in the Miyilu Folk Custom Valley Scenic Area. You can not only catch up with the prosperity of the Yi Torch Festival, but also experience the unique charm of the wild mushroom kingdom. Here is the best growing area for wild mushrooms. There are nearly 200 kinds of wild mushrooms growing on the green hills around the scenic spots.

The outer scenes of the film “The Super Revengent Monk (通天长老)”, “The Grand Canyon(大峡谷)”, the TV series “Bride Married(新娘出嫁)”, “The Nationality of Fire(火的民族)” were taken here. The crew of the NHK TV station “the South of Colorful Clouds(彩云之南)” had conducted live satellite broadcasts of the Yi farming culture.

Where is Miyilu Folk Custom Valley

Miyilu Folk Custom Valley is Located at Chahe Village, Longchuan Town, 10 km north of Nanhua County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. And it is located at the junction of Nanhua, Yaoan and Mouding, which is under the jurisdiction of Chahe Village Committee, Longchuan Town, Nanhua County, with a total length of 6.5 km, involving 6 village groups of Maanshan(马鞍山), Xinfangzi(新房子), Sanjia(三家), Dachahe(大岔河), Xiaochahe(小岔河) and Xincun(新村).

How to Get There

Due to the connection of the Nanyong high-grade highway, Miyilu Folk Custom Valley has become a folk-custom tourist area with convenient transportation. It is only 37 kilometers away from Chuxiong City and 186 kilometers away from Kunming. It can be reached from Kunming along the Chuda Expressway and Nanyong Highway in two and a half hours.

Best Time to Go

It is suitable to visit Miyilu Folk Custom at any time. Every season has its own beauty.

Nearby Attractions

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Miyilu Folk Custom Valley in Nanhua County, Chuxiong